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Latest Youtube Videos :

dustin by Retro Danuart
friday the 13th by Xyphoe
After Burner by ChinnyVision
starboy by Amstrad Maniaque
ranarama by Zeusdaz
Reino del Color (el) by Xyphoe
Reino del Color (el)
Space War by Xyphoe
Aigle d'Or - Le Retour (l') by Amstrad Maniaque
nemesis the warlock by Amstrad Maniaque

Video of Hire Hare (CNGSoft) by Amstrad Maniaque on Youtube, an Amstrad CPC 3D isometric game


Amstrad Maniaque is a french Youtubber since 2013.

His last video is about Hire Hare by CNGSoft, which won 2nd place at CPC RetroDev 2016.

Download Hire Hare by CNGsoft, which is a 3D isometric game like Crafton and Xunk.

Travel to the center of the earth by Topo Soft and also by Chip, Youtube videos


Travel to the center of the earth, based on the book by Jules Verne has seen two games made on Amstrad CPC :

In 2012, an extended version of Viaje Al Centro De La Tierra by César Nicolas Gonzalez (CNGSOFT) was released with 2 additional levels.

Xyphoe wrote an article in the english newspaper Retro Gamer issue 167


Xyphoe wrote an article in Retro Gamer issue 167 about Amstrad CPC best games and hidden gems. It's available since the 20th April 2017.

The Gemini chiptune collection by Sutekh (Epyteor), composed by Gemini/Insane


Sutekh (Epypteor) wrote another music disk : The Gemini chiptune collection, the music is composed by Gemini (Insane). There are 6 tunes.

menu of the Amstrad CPC music disk the Gemini chiptune collection by Sutekh

Remix of the Target Renegade music by SuTeKH (Epyteor) from the C64 game


SuTeKH (Epyteor) wrote a remix of the Target Renegade music from the C64 game, available on John Gage's Youtube channel.

CSW2CDT v4 by César Nicolas Gonzales, a windows utility to transfer Amstrad CPC, Spectrum tapes


Fourth version of the CSW2CDT tool suite, which is a set of three programs whose main purpose is the encoding of computer tapes used in the Sinclair ZX and the Amstrad CPC.

An Amstrad CPC 4k intro by Krusty (Benediction) showed at Revision 2017 : Wunderbar


Krusty (Benediction) showed his Wunderbar 4k intro at the Revision 2017 meeting.

Caprice Forever v2017-3, an Amstrad CPC emulator by Frédéric Coste for Windows


Caprice Forever v2017-3 by Frédéric Coste is a modified version of the Caprice emulator (by Ulrich Doewich) for windows.

  • Preliminary SNR session playback
  • Insert Caprice32 FDC engine as fast FDC
  • Add support for DualShock 4 wireless controller
  • Preliminary text rendering for DMP2160 Dot Matrix Printer
  • Add scripts to help entering cheat modes
  • Add keyboard clash phenomenon (« Ghosts » keys)
  • Add CPC 664 french machine (different hardware keyboard than UK)
  • Add recent disk images list
  • Add favourite disk images list
  • Add display option to keep fullscreen for next session
  • Use custom patterns for scanlines (see Hints)
  • Add option to never update disk images
  • Fix minor bugs

The Amstrad CPC, a new victim of the 8bit war between the C64 and the ZX Spectrum


You should really go read this tweet. But beware, reading it could cause you some pain, maybe even a lot of pain...

The house doesnt provide handkerchief.

A new remake of the Ramparts music by Noisywan (work in progress)


He is back : Ömer Aydin (Noisywan), the author of several Amstrad CPC musics (see below). This time with a new remake being written of Ramparts.

Lode Runner on Apple 2 and also Amstrad CPC and now Lode Runner Legacy on Steam


Lode runner Legacy is waiting for your vote on Steam Greenlight.

You maybe know Infernal Runner, but the original Lode Runner was also on Amstrad CPC after the Apple II whic was the first platform (by Douglas E. Smith : 1960-2014).

Lode runner Legacy by Tozai Games is a voxel 3D version. You can create your own levels, modify the character, ennemies, objects. There is a solo adventure axed on reflexion without ennemies. You can also play to the 150 originals levels with Apple 2 graphics (with a small 3D), or even played to new levels created by other players.

loading screen of the Lode Runner game for Amstrad CPC