Fresh Amstrad CPC, PCW, Notepad NC100 NC150 NC200 and PDA600 news

Using the AMSDAP (Amstrad MSx aDAPter) with a SE-ONE on Amstrad CPC


Another video by Prodatron showing the AMSDAP (Amstrad MSx aDAPter) which allow the use of MSX cartridges on Amstrad CPC, and in this test using a SE-ONE by TMTLOGIC which is a MP3 player a and FM receiver (radio).

Damn, my Amstrad CT-1 (a Clock/Radio module to sit underneath the CTM640 or CTM644 Amstrad CPC monitor) is now useless !

First video showing SymbOS on Amstrad CPC with AMSDAP + MSX Graphics9000


Here is the first video by Prodatron showing SymbOS on Amstrad CPC with AMSDAP + MSX Graphics9000.

At 2mn45 of the video, a video is running in SymbOS. The following words are from Prodatron : 16 colour bitmaps require the double amount of data compared to a 4 colour bitmap of the same size. The blitter inside the V9990 is doing a lot of things to speed up the graphic output. But it can't help so much when just pumping bitmap data from CPU memory to the screen. A video with the same resolution will have about half the framerate in 16 colours compared to 4 colours. So video output is not the best example for demonstrating the power of the GFX9000 (aka =CPC Powergraph).

BDCIron is testing Baba's Palace, Profanation 2, BasketCases, Bitume, Gryzor


BDCIron is streaming Baba's Palace, Profanation 2, BasketCases, Bitume and Gryzor. Of course the first two games issued from CPCRetroDev 2017 should be the more interesting to see.

Greetings to him and the happy mother for their first born !

Second part of the solution of Orion Prime by JB le Daron


Here is the second video of the solution of Orion Prime by Arkos and les Sucres en Morceaux, made by JB Le Daron on Youtube.

And listening to the beginning of the video, it seems that a new star is born, greetings to the happy parents.

He is also mentionning that Profanation 2 tested by Amaury is really good (tomorrow maybe).

Second video by Oldschool is Beautiful about C programmation for Amstrad CPC with SDCC


After the first video about C progammation for Amstrad CPC with SDCC, here is the next one about using mode 0 and draw pixels with SDCC for Amstrad CPC by Oldschool is beautiful.

The genesis of Zombi (with his author) the first game by Ubi Soft, a video by Edward


Edward ( features the genesis of the first Ubi Soft game : Zombi (1986), with its author : Yannick CADIN, an interesting video (french). Graphics are by Patrick Daher, scenario by Alexandre BONAN, music by Philippe MARCHISET and the spanish cover by Alfonso AZPIRI.

There are 2 versions depending of 64 Kb or 128 Kb of memory, the differences are scrolling between screens, scrolling for icons and 2 faces for better graphics.

Amstrad CPC streamers on Youtube ? One more with Roudoudou


With the CRTC3 demo by Roudoudou (but also by Futurs, X-men, Karbonik prod, Résistance and Morzienda), I discovered that he was also streaming Amstrad CPC content. I let you look for it by yourself.

Oldschool is Beautiful on Youtube discover the Amstrad CPC at 43 and start programming in C !


It's never too late to start anew, Oldschool is Beautiful is discovering the Amstrad CPC at 43 years old.

And he doesnt start slow, as in his second video he presents his next one about C progammation for Amstrad CPC which he learns with CPCMania using SDCC and a Gotek.

All videos are in french of course.

CapriceRPI2 v1.3c by KaosOverride, an Amstrad CPC emulator for Raspberry PI


The last version of the Amstrad CPC emulator CapriceRPI (v 1.3c) by KaosOverride for Raspberry PI is available with some minor updates and more command line customizations.

This emulator based on the sources of Caprice32 by Ulrich Doewich, can also be compiled on something else than a PI with the following command : make -f makefile.notpi.

Prior to compilation, you must install the following dependances (including SDL v1.2 from memory) :

  • libsdl-ttf2.0-dev
  • libfreetype6-dev
  • libsdl-image1.2-dev

Eerie Forest, an Amstrad CPC plus and GX4000 demo by Logon System (Overflow and TotO)


Eerie Forest ("Shadow of the Beast" one-screen intro) by Logon System is their last demo released this week-end at the Alchimy 2017 demo meeting.

Download Eerie Forest on Pouet.

It features :

  • original music by David Whittaker, from a 4 channel mod to a 3 channel song made for Amstrad CPC plus DMA-AY (samples)
  • 80+ colors from the 4096 palette of the Amstrad CPC plus
  • 3 mixed overscan modes (640-320-160)
  • 40+ splitscreens and rasters
  • pixel accurate hardware scroll
  • 100% bitmap, 1 layer, no text-mode)
  • 16 colourful sprites
  • 512 Ko ROM, 64 Kb (V)RAM