Fresh Amstrad CPC, PCW, Notepad NC100 NC150 NC200 and PDA600 news

CPCEC, an Amstrad CPC emulator for windows by CNGSoft, fourth release


CPCEC (windows) is a new Amstrad CPC emulator by CNGSOFT released some days ago, which replaces CPCE (dos/windows).

It's the fourth release : Onscreen indicators (hide them with -O); fixed bugs in ZXSEC that slowed emulation down when the frameskip wasn't zero, and another bug in audio recording on WAV files.

There is a graphical menu since the third release.

The PC That Cracked Europe, Amstrads PC1512 and 1640, by RetroManCave


A new video by RetroManCave about the Amstrad PC 1512 and Amstrad PC 1640 which started the compatible PC train in Europe.

Caprice Forever v2019-03, an Amstrad CPC emulator by Frédéric Coste for Windows


Caprice Forever v2019-03 by Frédéric Coste is a modified version of the Caprice emulator (by Ulrich Doewich) for windows.

  • Fix FDC read failure detection
  • Fix FDC regression to load MegaBlasters
  • Upgrade Graphics Explorer GUI
  • Improve Memory Editor
  • Preliminary CT-RAW image disk read
  • Add 4M RAM expansion
  • Add Digiblaster audio channel
  • Fix minor bugs

What is right up your Amstrad CPC 6128 disk drive ? What if you could change it ?


You dont even think about it, mais there is something just up your 6128 disk drive :

memento Amstrad CPC 6128

It isnt very sexy, so why not giving your loving Amstrad CPC a cure of youth with something more complete and beautiful made by Frédéric Bellec of ACME web site ?

new Amstrad CPC 6128 memento

He also has another project of change :

another new Amstrad CPC 6128 memento

Arcade Game Designer v0.7.3 for Windows by Jonathan Cauldwell


Arcade Game Designer v0.7.3 is a Windows (32/64) utility by Jonathan Cauldwell to write games for Timex/Next, ZX Spectrum, Amstrad CPC, Acorn Electron, Dragon/Coco and Enterprise, without any knowing of programmation.

This new version adds : Windows 32 bit version, option to import AGD/AGDX games from TAP files, new options in the script generator, new tool to check for mistakes, 2 default fonts, numerous bug fixes, support for Acorn Electron, Dragon/Coco and Enterprise, updated documentation.

There is a forum about AGD.

An interesting way of using an Amstrad Notepad NC100


Michael Wessel is using an Amstrad Notepad NC100 link with the serial port to a vocal synthetizer DECTalk DTC01 dating from 1984 in a youtube video.

In another video, the DECTalk is singing this time with a Tandy TRS 80.

Orpheus 8-bit for Android by Bitlines, a remake of the Amstrad CPC adventure game Orphée


Orpheus 8-Bit by Bitlines is a remake of the adventure game Orphée released in 1985 by Loriciels. It was one of the two games I bought with Sorcery+ with my Amstrad CPC 664 the same year, sweet dreams. The video is done by Tarodius.

CPCEC, an Amstrad CPC emulator for windows by CNGSoft


CPCEC (windows) is a new Amstrad CPC emulator by CNGSOFT released two days ago, which replaces CPCE (dos/windows).

This emulator was his final project for the Computer Engineering postdegree at the Distance-Learning National University (Universidad Nacional de Enseñanza a Distancia, UNED), a project directed by professor José Manuel Díaz Martínez and ultimately awarded a 100% and the right to a mention of honour.

Remake of Slap Fight (Alcon) by Abalore W.I.P., first level


Slap Fight (A.L.C.O.N.) is a shoot them up already existing on Amstrad CPC since 1987. Abalore started to work on a remake in 2016 and today a second video of this remake is available with the first level of the game.

Abalore accepts every help possible to make this new remake.