Fresh Amstrad CPC, PCW, Notepad NC100 NC150 NC200 and PDA600 news

Isometrikum by Vanity, a firstplace for this Amstrad CPC demo at Revision 2018


Isometrikum by Vanity got the first place at the oldschool demo competition of the Revision 2018 demo party.

phX demo for Amstrad CPC by Condense released at the Revision 2018


The latest Amstrad CPC demo by Condense : PhX has been released at the Revision 2018 meeting (Allemagne).

Code is by NoRecess, art by CED, audio by Factor6, trackloader by Arnoldemu. It was programmed over a period of 5 years.

Amstrad CPC mini incoming, but it's a bad news finally


April Fool ALERT, April Fool ALERT

I have received the same email than Markus Hohmann as he announced it on Facebook.

So Alan Michael Sugar is asking to remove all ROMs of the Amstrad CPC firmware for a copyright reason as an Amstrad CPC mini will see the light later this year.

I was waiting for such a beast, but I didnt think about possible consequences. Though I will respect what he is asking as I have never wanted to put illegal programs on this web site.

CPC Dandanator mini v1.0 WIP


The extension card ZX Dandanator mini which exists on ZX Spectrum should see the light on Amstrad CPC : the CPC Dandanator mini, announced by XeNoMoRPH on Amstrad.ES.

You can read all the features of the original card on its author web site (see above).

WIP of a new game written by Zeppo69 with AGD v1.4 : Mike the guitar


Zeppo69 is working on a new game using AGD 1.4 first on Spectrum and porting it on Amstrad CPC : Mike the Guitar. But he is looking for help to finish this Amstrad CPC version, he doesnt know how to manage the music. Reply him on CPCWiki if you can help.

Amdrum support for the Next-Generation Speech Synthesizer by Michael Wessel


The Next-Generation Speech Synthesizer for the Amstrad CPC 464 by Michael Wessel now supports also the Amdrum sound card that you can listen to on Youtube.

WIP IMPDOS by AST, an Amstrad CPC ROM for the XMASS mass storage extension card


CubeIOS is out, but AST is still working on his ACMEDOS replacement : IMPDOS for the mass storage extension card XMASS.

New version 130318b of YANCC by SOS for the XMASS extension card


A new version of YANCC (Yet Another Norton Command Clone) is available (130318b). It's a text interface to manage your files on the X-Mass and the AcmeDOS ROM with an interface which looks like norton commander or midnight commander).

  • Fixed Unwanted starts of YANCC during Warm-Reset (e. g. Monty on the Run)
  • In rare circumstances, some files are copied empty.
  • In rare circumstances, the ROM-Init of YANCC makes nonsense... (e.g. in "12 Lost Souls")
  • CubeIOS bugfix

It's this new version which is needed if you want to use the new ROM CubeIOS which replaces ACMEDOS.

CubeIOS, a FAT16,32 IDE-OS ROM for the Amstrad CPC's with XMASS


The XMASS mass storage extension card can now be used with another ROM, that is CubeIOS :

  • Detect (nearly) all Fat16+Fat32-Partitions on your CF-Card, DOM, etc. (1st Partition please). Prefered is Fat32 (should be faster with Save-Commands). You can format the media with e.g. Windows and fill it with data.
  • Partial longnames.
  • the usual RSX like |MD, |RD, |REN,....
  • |DIR + |CD accepts wildcards
  • Compatibility should be high (i hope so ;) ) - but i'm playing around with a lower-rom-patch to increase compatibility.

The ROM must be placed below AMSDOS and (if used) M4DOS, PARADOS. It's not compatible with ACMEDOS at the same time. YANCC-User should be update to the latest version.

CubeIOS for Amstrad CPC and XMASS