Fresh Amstrad CPC, PCW, Notepad NC100 NC150 NC200 and PDA600 news

8BP v037, a RSX library to create Amstrad CPC games in Basic


Jose Javier Garcia Aranda has released a new version of 8BP v37 (8bits de poder : 8bits of power), a RSX library to write Amstrad CPC games in basic (26 Kb max). You can download 8bp on github.

This version is faster, the COLAY command is better, and a new manual.

A book about the Amstrad history in Spain by Jesús Martínez del Vas


On the 8th November a book will be released about the Amstrad history in Spain, written by Jesús Martínez del Vas : Queremos Su Dinero (we want your money). You will learn more about Indescomp, Amstrad Spain and José Luis Domínguez (founder of Indescomp in 1982).

The book will be showed for the first time the 5th November at the Fnac of Callao (Madrid) with José Luis Dominguez himself.

Personnally I will buy this book, a good way to ameliorate my spanish. I dont see it yet on Amazon or Fnac though at the moment, so no pre-order.

For more informations :

uRTC-8 universal RTC for the PCW and other Z-80 computers by Jon Bradbury and uIDE-16(8)


The uRTC-8 universal RTC by Jon Bradbury is a Real Time Clock interface for Amstrad PCW (or others Z80 computers). It only costs 37 pounds fully assembled (add shipping costs).

This interface cant be used on an Amstrad CPC : I/O are using 16 bits addresses instead of 8.

Jon is also the author of another interface still for Amstrad CPC and PCW : UIDE Universal IDE adapter cards for Z-80 computers which let you connect either a CompactFlash card or a Disk on Module (DOM). It exists in 2 models : uIDE-16 (for Amstrad CPC, but can also work with a 8 bit addressing on others Z80 computers) and uIDE-8 for Amstrad PCW (but can't work on Amstrad CPC).

Cheman, the next Amstrad CPC game by the Mojon Twins


Cheman is the next Amstrad CPC game by the Mojon Twins. It's a mix of platform and adventure.

It will be available as a tape physical edition at the RetroZaragoza 2019 which will take place the 28th October at the Delicias Civic Center in the Zaragoza town.

ACPCPE - an Amstrad CPC printer emulator DIY by Elanstra


ACPCPE is an Amstrad CPC printer emulator by Elanstra using an Arduino. You put it on the Amstrad CPC printer port, then connect the Arduino to an USB port of a PC where Python code is getting the printing job. Someone suggested to use a SD card to use the interface auntonomously.

Paket, an engine to create graphical adventure games, demo included


Seen on Twitter, Santi Ontañón (code) and Jordi Sureda (graphics) have written a new engine to create graphical adventure games as made by Lucas Arts or Sierra : Paket (Point And Klick Engine Tool).

A demo in spanish and english is available on their site.

CPCEC, an Amstrad CPC emulator for windows by CNGSoft, 11th release


CPCEC (windows) is a new Amstrad CPC emulator by CNGSOFT released in 2019, which replaces CPCE (dos/windows).

An 11th release is available since the 31th July, the news are :

  • 20190731 -- eleventh public release. Added a new UI-based debugger (typing commands is no longer needed) and support for ZIP archive reading based on PUFF.C from the ZLIB project, upgraded GCC to 5.1.0 and removed all `inline` tags (they did more harm than good), and generally reworked all internals to make them OS-independent. Several details improved as well: the file selector fixes a bug in Win10, "browse tape" dialog shows the file name, Spectrum +3 automatically becomes +2A to load tapes, `auto rewind` shows up in Edit menu and fixes bugs in CSW files, and sound emulation has improved, for example "Terminus" on CPC plays sound and "Agent X II" on Spectrum is no longer noisy.

There is a graphical menu since the third release.

Interview of Tim Gilberts, author of the Quill


Tim Gilberts is the author of the utility The Quill which allows to write adventure games without any programmation skill. He is also talking about his company Gilsoft and the place of adventure games in gaming.

The interview is on Audioboomand Youtube with RetroManCave and BackOfficeShow.