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How to avoid anti-aliasing in pictures taken in WinApe (Amstrad CPC emulator)


There is a simple solution to avoid anti-aliasing in screenshots taken in the Amstrad CPC emulator WinApe. You have to disable the option Pal Emulation.

The solution was given by Roudoudou.

JavaCPC Desktop v2.9.5d an Amstrad CPC(+) emulator in java by Markus Hohmann (Devilmarkus)


A new version of the desktop JavaCPC is available. It's an Amstrad CPC(+) emulator written in Java by Markus Hohmann (DevilMarkus).

FPGAmstrad on MiST-board revision r005.8.14 by Renaud Helias (hardware Amstrad CPC emulation)


New version of the Amstrad CPC core for MiST by Renaud Helias is available.

  • IO_ACK trigger in edge, not in state (better in some scrolling...)
  • WAIT_n generator ignoring M1 while IO_ACK
  • OSD entry : "MEM_wr" mode : quick or slow. quick by default.

quick : Arkanoid II, Prehistoric II. Ecole demo. Pinball Dreams
slow : Saboteur 2. Still Rising demo.

FPGAmstrad on MiST-board revision r005.8.13e by Renaud Helias (hardware Amstrad CPC emulation)


The MIST is a Field-programmable gate array (FGPA) board designed to implement classic 16 bit computers like the Amiga and Atari ST(E) as System-on-a-Chip using modern hardware. But it equally well supports 8 bit systems like the Atari XL, ZX81, ZX Spectrum, C64, Atari VCS, Atari 5200, Colecovision, Apple II, Sega Master System, NES, Odyssey2 and of course the Amstrad CPC.

Renaud Helias has written an Amstrad CPC 6128 core for this Mist Board. The last revision of this core can run correctly the Still Rising demo by Vanity (see the youtube video).

Caprice Forever v0.30, an Amstrad CPC emulator by Frédéric Coste for Windows


Caprice Forever by Frédéric Coste is a modified version of the Caprice emulator (by Ulrich Doewich) for windows.

  • Fix FDC engine to pass most of Kevin Thacker's acid tests
  • Add option to cold reset at real speed (see Hints)
  • Load disk and tape from ZIP archives files
  • Add disk menu to manually update and reload disk image
  • Add disk menu to manually update and reload disk image
  • Fix Tape to load The Last Mission
  • fix minor bugs

Droid-CPC v1.1.01 by Kokak, an Amstrad CPC emulator for Android


The Android Amstrad CPC emulator Droid-CPC v1.1.01 (1,79 €) by Kokak is available on the play store.

CPCGamesCD updated by MiguelSky (December 2016)


CPCGamesCD (created by MiguelSky) is an ISO image including several emulators (Amstrad CPC and PCW), and a frontend to launch the included games, which comes from the NVG FTP.

Samdisk v3.8.9 by Simon Owen, Amstrad CPC disks tranfers on PC


SAMdisk v3.8.9 by Simon Owen is out since the 18th December.

The utility supports transfers between floppy disks and disk images, and is designed to work with almost any soft-sectored disk format compatible with the PC floppy controller, including some copy-protected formats.

Low-level floppy device access requires the fdrawcmd.sys driver to be installed.

  • fixed clipping extent of non-error sectors
  • fixed raw .2d file reading (thanks Tatsuyuki Sato)
  • fixed HD track error during 2DD to 2HD promotion (thanks Tatsuyuki Sato)
  • fixed use of scanning data rates not supported by FDC
  • fixed --offsets crash if 2 stored copies were present
  • changed gap indicator from g to +, added - for short sectors
  • added support for double-density MB-02+ disks (thanks Jan Kucera)
  • added --step-rate speed option (0=slow, 15=fast, 10=default)

ZEsarUX v4.2, an Amstrad CPC 464 emulator (other computers like ZX Spectrum too)


ZEsarUX v4.2 is a multi platform emulator, Amstrad CPC 464 included. You can compile the unix sources directly or get a binary for :

  • linux 32/64 bits
  • Mac OS X
  • Windows
  • Raspberry pi (raspbian)

SugarConvDisk : converts Amstrad CPC disks images between differents formats


Coming from Sugarbox code, SugarCOnvDisk can convert disks images between differents formats : dsk, edsk, supercard pro, HFE, IPF, CT-raw, Raw (kryoflux) to dsk/edsk, scp, IPF, HFE. It also supports batch and filtering.

ACE v1.13, an Amstrad CPC emulator for MorphOS by Philippe Rimauro (Offset)


ACE v1.13 by Philippe Rimauro is an Amstrad CPC emulator for MorphOS.

This version brings several enhancements for cross-development (thanks to Krusty). It corrects also several small bugs and brings some enhancements in emulation code (thanks to Kevin Thacker). Then, it brings structural modifications to ameliorate portability and 64bit compatibility.

CapriceRPI2 v1.31 by KaosOverride, an Amstrad CPC emulator for Raspberry PI


The last version of the Amstrad CPC emulator CapriceRPI (v 1.3) by KaosOverride for Raspberry PI is available with a fix for using joysticks. He is working on version 1.4.

This emulator based on the sources of Caprice32 by Ulrich Doewich, can also be compiled on something else than a PI with the following command : make -f makefile.notpi.

Prior to compilation, you must install the following dependances (including SDL v1.2 from memory) :

  • libsdl-ttf2.0-dev
  • libfreetype6-dev
  • libsdl-image1.2-dev

CDTMaster v3, a windows utility to manage tape images (CDT) for Amstrad CPC


The windows utility CDTMaster by Oscar Martin exists as v3 since 2015 (works also under linux with mono). It is a Taper like utility, it includes other options like importing files from a DSK, converting files into TZX/CDT blocks (like 2cdt) and convert CDT to WAV (like playtzx).

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