News about Amstrad CPC, PCW, Notepad NC100 NC150 NC200, PDA600 and also Amstrad PC

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Amstrad Action 50 by DarkSteph, soon available as a free PDF


A Hundred more issues of AA50 by DarkSteph are being shipped, and a little bit before christmas you will be able to put a USB key with a free PDF of Amstrad Action 50 in front of your Xmas tree. The quality of impression of the paper issue is great, I have mine at least.

WIP Hyperdrive by Reidrac for Amstrad CPC


Reidrac (Juan Martinez) is actually working on two projects : a RPG (Ultima like) and Hyperdrive which is a shoot them up, which reminds me of of the excellent Light Force.

You can check Reidrac's Twitter for more informations too.

I invite you to list the last posts of Reidrac's blog about several subjects including to create the games with cartridges in mind, thanks to the Plus2CPC, upcoming Play2CPC, DES and Dandanator.

Play2CPC aka Plus2CPC II by Abalore and ToTO for Amstrad CPC(+)


After the Plus2CPC by Abalore (see on CPCWiki, here is the Play2CPC which is a mix between the Plus2CPC by Abalore (adding a cartridge for all CPC even CPC+ on expansion port) and the PlayCity. The Play2CPC adds three AY channels and one noise generator(6 channels and 2 noise generators for the PlayCity) and the possibility to modify the content of the pseudo cartridge. For more informations, I invite you to read CPCWiki (link above).

Classic Adventurer issue 9 is out by Mark Hardisty, about adventure games


Classic Adventurer is a newspaper about adventure games by Mark Hardistywhich last issue number nine is out as a free download or in printed format.

This issue has for example an article about the GAC (Graphic Adventure Creator) utility.

Halloween 2021 4mb Sample demo for Amstrad CPC by Markus Hohmann (Devilmarkus)


For Halloween Markus Hohmann (DevilMarkus) has released an Amstrad CPC demo : Halloween 2021 4mb Sample, first they are some noises then the music starts later around 2 minutes 40 seconds.

To create the sample here is his method : I'm using a volume table I calculated for the logarithmic conversion 256 volumes down to 16. I also use nibbles for stereo playback (1 byte contains stereo informations). The imported .mp3 is pre-gained to 100db and I use some filters on the imported sample.

The original source is a musical remake of the game Cauldron II by SoundLogic which you can find also on Youtube.

Amstrad CPC score contest on Amstree (John LOBO)


Border 0 organizes a score contest, whose rules are below :

1.Use the WinAPE v2.0 Beta 2 emulator
2.Use the following settings :

MEMORY: RAM: 128K / ROM Lower: OS6128 / Upper 0: BASIC1-1 / Upper 7: AMSDOS
3.Load the following DSK of Amsthree
4.Save a SNR session of your game :
4.1.Save ONLY one game per session
4.2.Start at the menu screen
4.3.End at the score menu
5.Send your SNR session with a tag or your name BEFORE the 31th January 2020 to :
Nothing to win except the respect of other who will be able to see the results on the mentionned page, looking at the best SNR on CPC-Power and a video on Youtube.

WIP CPC Bullet v2 for Amstrad CPC


CPC Bullet is a game for CPCRetroDev 2021 contest, but which couldn't be accounted due to a delay in time limit for . It is programmed by Cyrille Gouret, music by Mr Lou and graphism by Titan.

You can download the WIP v2 of CPC Bullet knowing that an enhanced v3 will come (gameplay, graphism).

Gamemplay is simple, eliminate your adversary, without shooting yourself due to a bad ricochet.

A video is available of CPC Bullet on the Amstradiens channel.

PunyInform v3.2 by Fredrik Ramsberg and Johan Berntsson to write text adventure games


PunyInform v3.2 by Fredrik Ramsberg and Johan Berntsson is a library written in Inform 6 to create adventure game (pure text, no graphic support contrary to DAAD) using the Z-machine virtual machine which will run on 8bit computers (or more recent computers too). PunyInform has a parser, knowing of common verbs and a framework to write adventure games.

PunyInform is based on the Inform 6 library written by Graham Nelson. Its goal is to make easily adventure games in Inform 6, with a manual describing the differences between the official library and PunyInform..

Games using PunyInform can be compiled in z3, z5 and z8 format (z3 being the best format for 8bit computers, other formats have more features). Compared to the Inform 6 library, it means that there is no support for the Glulx virtual machine but z3 format is important as Inform 6 doesnt support it.

To compile games written with PunyInform, you should use the Inform 6 compiler maintained by David Kinder. Binaries are available on if-archive. PunyInform needs Inform v6.35 (or more).

They are tutorials to write adventure game with PunyInform (end of the page) and all the documentation including a 8 page cheat sheet (quick reference)..

To try your game after compilation, you can use WinFrotz by David Kinder, to create map easily you can use Trizbort.

And finally, to create an Amstrad CPC and PCW disk image, you will have to use the Puddle BuildTools.

Super Space Fuel Inc., an EGA game for your XT to 486 by Peter Bone


Super Space Fuel Inc. is an EGA game in 16 colors and adlib sound programmed with Turbo C on a 486. It can be played starting on 8088 but its author Peter Bone recommend to use a 386 or 486. It's a connect type game, which you can see a gameplay video by Dosgamert on Youtube.

Network, XT-IDE, adlib, 512 Kb RAM, ISA slot for Amstrad PPC 640 (internal) by Retro Theory


Retro Theory is showing a photo of an internal card for Amstrad PPC 640 which is replacing the internal modem to add :

  • LAN ethernet
  • XT-IDE with SD card
  • adlib sound
  • 512 Kb de RAM (8 Kb granularity)
  • ISA slot