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Repoker de Ases, games by 4Mhz in a Dandanator


Repoker de Ases par 4Mhz is a compilation of 4Mhz's games in a cartridge, more exactly in a Dandanator, so it has a 64 Kb RAM expansion, nice for an Amstrad CPC 464.

BEWARE, there are only 150 of them, so be quick to order one.

Soon an encyclopedia of Amstrad CPC games in kindle format (Amazon) by @RetroLaird


Seen on Xyphoe's Twitter, @RetroLaird is finishing writing the first issue of an encyclopedia about Amstrad CPC games, as he already did for other 8bit computers.

The Amstrad CPC remake of Phantomas 2 will be released this Friday


Phantomas 2 was released in 1986 on ZX Spectrum by Dinamic Software.

Since March of last year Jordi Sureda and Santiago Ontañon have been working on this Phantomas 2.0 for Amstrad CPC, which ended last December. The game will be released this Friday 1st February on Github.

More informations in spanish on Ready and Play.

It can be bought on Matranet.

Strider, the complete story by Slopes Game Room


Slopes Game Room on his Youtube channel is talking about things including the story of video games. This time it's about the série Strider serie (1 and 2) released on Amstrad CPC in 1989, created by Capcom and edited by U.S. Gold.

An Android remake of Deflektor by One Red Pixel


Deflektor is a classic game written by Vortex Software with a music by Ben Daglish. A non officiel Android remake exists in the Google store Google Under the name of Deflektor Classic by One Red Pixel. The remake has a 4,4 note, which is a good note, maybe you have some time to spare ?

Shadow on the Beast on Amstrad CPC+ and Amiga soon, and already on PC


Shadow of the Beast was released in 1990 by Psygnosis. Megachur is working on an Amstrad CPC+ version. Five videos are available on Megachur's Youtube channel.

Also, as seen on MO5.COM, an unfinished PC version already exists : EON released in 2014 by François « Wonderboy Bobi » Perez (Aggelos). And an Amiga port is being written by a spanish team : AmigaWave.

CP/M Box v1.8 by Habi Soft, an Amstrad PCW emulator


CP/M Box by Habi Soft, an Amstrad PCW emulator, is available in version 1.8, with a lot of new things : new video system (with color support), new languages system, actions, video recording, a new better debugger, more hardware options, light pens, mass storage, test PCBs, fast loading, keyboard redefinition...

Lemmings by Sony on mobile phone, and energy is missing you


Sony just released Lemmings on mobile phone.

The game seems to be nice, but there is just a little problem. Each action needs energy and you can fall to 0 energy in the middle of a level. Or of course you can pay 6 euros for 2 hours of tranquillity...

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