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Pictures of the new project by 4Mhz : El Tesoro Perdido de Cuauhtemoc, a platform game


4Mhz posted 4 pictures of El Tesoro Perdido de Cuauhtemoc on Twitter (the lost treasure of Cuauhtemoc), their latest work in progress Amstrad CPC game (platform).

screen pictures of the game el Tesoro Perdido de Cuauhtemoc

Test of the cartridge Amstrad CPC+ or GX4000 game Navy Seals (Ocean, 1990) by ChinnyVision


A new video by ChinnyVision on Youtube about Navy Seals is available. This arcade game was out on Amstrad CPC+ and GX4000 in 1990 by Ocean.

He also tests it on Spectrum, C64, Atari ST and Amiga.

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RetroGaming Play 2017 at Meaux (77, France) on 18th and 19th FĂ©bruarY


The RetroGaming Play 2017 will take place in France at Meaux (77) this week-end the 18th and 19th February 2017.

This event is all about video game culture, it will feature expositions, Freeplay, animations, arcade games, quizz contests, selling booth, conferences...

Will be present : Bertrand Brocard, AHL, Florent Gorges, Douglas Alves ou bien Abrial Da Costa (more guests normally expected) and also Youtubers : Keydee, AtOmium et Psychodélik.

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Y'a pas que l'Amstrad dans la vie S2E10 : Gryzor / Contra


Another Youtube channel : Khomenor, like ChinnyVision he tests games, but not only the Amstrad CPC version. For Contrat / Gryzor, it was written only on 8bit computers/consoles, no 16bit.

A speedrun of Barbarian by JB le Daron


JB Le Daron is a french Youtube channel I just jumped on. In this fist episode, he is talking about speedrun : finish a game as fast as possible, often seen on other 8bit computers and consoles, but rarely (or never) on Amstrad CPC to my knowing. And it's Barbarian by Palace Software in 1987 which you will see done quickly.

After having seen the video, there should be on CPC-Power that you should know some SNR files which are played games (speedrun or not) which you can read with the emulator WinAPE.

Will you be able to beat the game Barbarian in less than 6 minutes and 12 seconds, the record made by Kukulcan (CPC-Power) ? The speedrun starts at 6 minutes in the video.

a music remake of the Amstrad CPC game Saboteur II by Geovarius on Soundcloud


A remake of the music of Saboteur II by Geovarius on Soundcloud is available. Sometimes when you look for the words 'Amstrad CPC' on a search engine, you find things.

loading screen of the Amstrad CPC game Saboteur 2

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El Linaje Real, an Amstrad CPC platform game by ESP Soft in April 2017


El Linaje Real is the next and first Amstrad CPC game for the 2017 year by ESP Soft.

It's a platform game with 5 levels which should be availabe for April 2017. The game is finished already and being tested. You will test your sword skill in this game, by foot, by horse, by boat. And there wont be only one way to end the game.

Power Drift on Amstrad CPC, longplay by Xyphoe


Xyphoe is back with a new longplay of Power Drift on Amstrad CPC (part 1 of 2).

Power Drift is a car race game by Sega, edited on Amstrad CPC by Activision in 1989.

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C4CPC and nocart, vitamin for your Amstrad CPC+ and GX4000 console


Shame on me, I didnt have yet written about the C4CPC which is for the Amstrad CPC+ and GX4000 cartridge port what the HxC drive emulator was for the disk drive. It is created by Gerald.

BEWARE, using the C4CPC with a GX4000 console and its original alimentation will give you a nice clipboard, for the explanation, it's here.

And of course, with 3D printing, some people went for it to make a C4CPC cartridge with a better look :

Nocart v1.4 for windows will let you convert Amstrad CPC programs in a .CPR file (cartridge image) usable on the C4CPC. Beware, some programs wont work : the keyboard will not work, it means the game must be patched for CPC+ firmware.

Test of the Amstrad CPC game Advanced Pinball Simulator (Codemasters) by ChinnyVision


A new video by ChinnyVision on Youtube about Advanced Pinball Simulator is available. This pinball game was out on Amstrad CPC in 1988 by Codemasters.

He also tests it on Spectrum, C64 and Atari XL/XE.

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