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Temu by 40Crisis, a Game Boy emulator for Amstrad CPC to play Tetris


40Crisis has written a Game Boy emulator for Amstrad CPC which allows only to play the original Tetris game (the ROM is of course NOT included with the emulator).

To put the v1.1 ROM of Tetris (v1.0 won't work) inside the Temu .DSK disk image, you can use ManageDSK (don't forget to add the Amsdos header). The name of the file must be rom.bin.

Attention you must use this emulator with an Amstrad CPC 6128 (run"temu) or 6128+ (run"temuplus").

This emulator could for the future emulate other games but the mapper for example isnt emulated so few other games would work.

For the keyboard commands, please read the included documentation.

Demo of the adventure game Tristam Island by Hugo Labrande available for Amstrad CPC and PCW


The demo of the adventure game Tristam Island by Hugo Labrande is available for a gameplay estimated to 1 hour-1 hour 30 (first part of the game). The definitive game will be available in a few weeks for 3,99 euros. This adventure game uses the PunyInform engine by Fredrik Ramsberg.

Totems Enhanced Edition for Amstrad CPC game by ESP Soft is released


Totems by ESP Soft was released in 2012. It's a twisted remake of Columns by Sega (nice game by the way) with a Tetris mechanic. It seems I missed it, but in may 2020 ESP Soft has released Totems Enhanced Edition that you are able to order as a physical edition on Bitmap Soft. This new version allows you to play versus your Amstrad CPC, who will be smarter you or a thirty years old computer ?

Creation of an adventure game engine like a book where you are the hero by Roudoudou


Roudoudou is writing an adventure game engine like the books where you are the hero on Youtube.

If you use the link up there you start directly at 1mn25 with sound, no sound at start of the video if you see it directly below.

Las Aventuras de Rudolphine Rur, an adventure game by Dwalin


Released in April 2020, Las Aventuras de Rudolphine Rur is a spanish adventure game written by Dwalin where you are the shoemaker Rudolphine Rur who has everything to be happy but still is going to a dangerous place.

The game was first written in 2005 with the Superglus software (by Uto) which is a port of the virtual machine Glulx. In 2015 the game was ported to the ngPAWS still by Uto which lets create an online version. Finally in 2019, work started to port the game with the DAAD software created initially by Tim Gilberts and actually maintained by Stefan Vogt. Daad can create ports to many computers including the one which interests us :

  • Amstrad CPC
    • tape version without graphics, with short places descriptions and answers
    • disk version with graphics, with short places descriptions and answers
    • version M4 Wifi with graphics, with short places descriptions (but long description by using the command D) and long answers
  • Amstrad PCW without graphics, with long places descriptions and short answers

Audio Overload v2.2.1, a VGM player by Richard Bannister


Richard Bannister was the maintainer of a MacOS port of the Arnold emulator, now maintained by Kevin Thacker. But he is also the author of the Audio Overload utility which lets you play VGM music files, including .AY and .YM Amstrad music files. This utility runs on MacOS, Windows and Linux.

Another video of the WIP Atic Atac for Amstrad CPC by John Ward


John Ward is working on a version of Atic Atac for Amstrad CPC (CPCWiki).

A second video of Atic Atac is available on John Ward's Youtube channel.

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