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Bad Arnold, a demo for an Amstrad CPC boosted with vitamins by Shining


After two games : Defence and Pentomino, Markus Macherey (Shining) goes for a demo, but with a little twist, in fact you are going to need an Amstrad CPC boosted with vitamins. Indeed, you need 1 Mb of RAM and a PlayCity for the sound (9 channels, but the tune written by Nq! is 6 channels) ! Yes, the new wave of programmers doesnt stop to the Amstrad CPC 464, and it's for the good. Lets play with Amstrad CPC with a lot of RAM, external storage and even connected to Internet.

An Amstrad CPC 4k intro by Krusty (Benediction) showed at Revision 2017 : Wunderbar


Krusty (Benediction) showed his Wunderbar 4k intro at the Revision 2017 meeting.

BDCIron is testing Great Gurianos, Addams Family et Big'O'Full demo, and more in another video


BDCIron is testing Amstrad CPC games : Great Gurianos and Addams Family, and also a demo : Big'O'Full demo.

See the previous news for more details about Great Gurianos.

In his latest video (24th February) BDCIron is testing the following games :

  • Buggy Boy
  • Carlos Sainz
  • Chevy Chase
  • Continental Circus
  • Miami Cobra GT
  • Power Drift
  • Super Monaco GP
  • Turbo Cup
  • Twin Turbo V8
  • Wacky Races
  • Potsworth & Co
  • lets Go !
  • the demo Points Barres

Some news by No Recess (Condense)


Condense is working on its new demo since 2 years already, which will be available only for the revision 2018 !

Also, a making-of for the next demo by Overflow (Logon System) will be published on Condense web site. The demo will be available for Revision 2017.

After Batman Forever, Battro by Batman Group


After Batman Forever, Battro is a cracktro by Batman Group, with music by McKlain.

A new Amstrad CPC music disk by SuTeKH (Epyteor) : Boulder Dash


Boulder Dash by SuTeKH (Epyteor) is a new Amstrad CPC music disk. Other music disks by SuTeKH :

  • Now That's What I Call Chip Tunes 1 (2011)
  • Now That's What I Call Chip Tunes 2 - Preview (2011)
  • Some More CHIPTUNES (2012)
  • This Musicdisk Is About 20% Cooler (2012)

loading screen of the Amstrad CPC music disk Boulder Dash

Superhop, a 4th Amstrad CPC intro by gOblinish (Dmitry Krapivin) in 512 bytes


Superhop is the 4th Amstrad CPC intro written by gOblinish in 512 bytes, which gives you real time fractals.

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