News about Amstrad CPC, PCW, Notepad NC100 NC150 NC200, PDA600 and also Amstrad PC

CP/M is really open source now


In 2001 a limited licence for using CP/M was given to Tim Olstead (The Unofficial CP/M Web site) by Bryan Sparks who was (and still is) CEO of Lineo (successor of Caldera).

This licence has been clarified by Brian Sparks, CP/M is now clearly under an open source licence.

Source code of CP/M (different versions) is vailable, also their respective manuals.

You will find more informations about CP/M on John Elliott's web page.

AY (ZX Spectrum, Amstrad CPC, Atari ST) Computer Sound Chip Emulator v2.9 beta 32


The ZX Spectrum Computer Sound Chip Emulator v2.9 beta 32 by Sergey Bulba is available, it permits to listen to many music format files, including .YM, .AY and .AYM music files, for windows and linux.

Red Planet for Amstrad CPC by Play on retro is available


First announced in 2017 using the CPCTelera framework, Salvador Cantero finally used the MK1 game engine by the Mojons Twins for his platform game Red Planet, the initial version was for ZX Spectrum. You can see the game being finished on Youtube by Amstrad Maniaque.

The game is written by :

  • Salvador Cantero : programmation, graphics
  • tacha : music and sound effects (I personally like the music)
  • masterklown : cover illustration

WIP Revenge of Trasmoz by Volcano Bytes on Amstrad CPC


Revenge of Trasmoz by Volcano Bytes is a WIP Amstrad CPC conversion of their game Curse of Trasmoz originally for ZX Spectrum. It's a 2 player arcade platform game on one screen.

The game is written by Carlos Pérezgrin and Borja de Tena, music and sound FX by Beyker and A. Pérez, cover art and graphics by Dani Diez, loading screen by BitFans. It is written with the CPCTelera framework by Francisco Gallego.

Using an USB drive on any PC XT-AT being an Amstrad PC or not


Retro Erik has done a vidéo on the use of a USB key for l'utilisation une clé USB sur un PC XT ou AT sous msdos (voir la page de Lo-tech).

FreddyV is working on a modification of the driver for better speed on a PC XT or AT. It will be easier then using a Compact Flash card with a XT-CF.

Retro Tech Chris has made a 3D model of a bracket for this ISA card.

See the thread on Vogons.

Two videos : history of Amstrad and of the Amstrad CPC


Two very recent videos in french about the history of Amstrad :

The War of the Solice, a remake of Lords of Midnight (Mike Singleton)


The War of the Solice is a 3D remake of the Lords of Midnight game (Mike Singleton) made by The Frozen Empire (Andrew Smart and Wayne Britcliffe), for windows and MacOS.

I wrote about it years ago, last version was releasd in 2021, see the interesting trailer on Youtube.

Goody, el regreso by Ivan AVILA, an incoming Amstrad CPC game


Last game by Ivan AVILA is Goody, el regreso, it has been written with the 8bp library in basic. Good is a platform game.

A remake of Wonder Boy by Benjamin Yoris is now on hold


Benjamin Yoris was working on a Wonder Boy remake since 2020, but this project is now on hold.

You can download it on CPCWiki to see for yourself. It isn't possible to finish the level as the distance between two clouds are too big.