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Soon 50 years of history for the Amstrad company, related in Retro Gamer magazine


The company Amstrad (Alan Michael Sugar TRADing) has been created the 8th December 1968. So at the end of this new year 2018, it will be 50 years of history, which are told in the last issue of the Retro Gamer magazine.

Retro Gamer magazine for the 50 years of history of the Amstrad company

8-bit memoirs issue 1 by Mr_Lou, author of Sort'em (Amstrad CPC game)


Mr_Lou is active on Amstrad CPC scene, he wrote the game Sort'Em in 2009 (LuBlu Entertainment), programmed with Z88dk and cpcrslib.

Today, he finished the first issue of his 8-Bit Memoirs, a free ebook of his personal 8bit experience (about for example the Philips Videopac G7000, the Amstrad CPC and the Amiga) with more than 5 hours of video, illustrations (by Marlene "BlueAngel" Johansen), screenshots... It's free, but you can buy the physical collector edition for 17 €.

Furniture sold by Amstrad with a CT-1 radio and a MP-3 analogic TV tuner


I just discovered on Amstrad.EU's facebook group that Amstrad sold a furniture with a bundled MP-3 analogic TV tuner and CT-1 radio. With the reference to X, the article is coming from the newspaper Amstrad 100%.

A quick internet search didnt permit to find other photos of this furniture, if you have any, I am interested.

Amstrad furniture for CPC, CT-1 and MP-3

One mug of coffee/tea a day ! But choose it wisely.


May I suggest you to choose this mug to drink your coffee or tea each morning ? 10 pieces only.

A nice image by Juanito Medina which you should take a look at


Juanito Medina has drawn a nice graphic which you really should take a look at. Hint, check the bottom, no, not the girl...

The story of Roland, the Amstrad CPC mascot by Edward on Youtube (french audio)


Edward ( is talking about the Amstrad CPC mascot : Roland in a french short video (about 7 minutes and 30 seconds).

A Colecovision remake of Rick Dangerous by two dangerous unknown people


Two unknown people going with the name of Fanoplusplus64k and TotOOnTheMoon have written a remake of Rick Dangerous for the game console Colecovision : Risky Rick in dangerous traps, already showed at the RGC 2015 and almost ready at 95% for the RGC 2016 at Meaux.

The next one I see programming on something else than an Amstrad CPC, will copy with his and and pen 1000 times the following words : I must only programm on my lovely Amstrad CPC.

Coming to cinema, the cartoon Agents super zéro (Mortadelo y Filemón contra Jimmy el cachondo


Buenos noche, Cómo está ? Me gusta Mortadelo y Filemón desde mi juventud, y usted ? Hello everyone, I like Mortadelo y Filemón since I am young, a spanish comics by Francisco Ibáñez. A cartoon Agents super zéro will be out on the 2nd november 2016.

It also exists as Amstrad CPC games with youtube longplay by Jgonza :

Celebrating the 25 Years of the Amstrad GX4000 by Xyphoe on Youtube


In this 25 minutes video, Xyphoe celebrates the 25 years Of the Amstrad GX4000 (released in 1990).

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