Fresh Amstrad CPC, PCW, Notepad NC100 NC150 NC200 and PDA600 news

Roland in Time on Xbox360 by Gavin Pugh


Have a look at Gavin Pugh twitter account about Roland in Time on Xbox360 with XNA.

ccz80 v3.0, a cross-compiler using a C like syntax for PC aimed for the Amstrad CPC


You can download the latest version of ccz80 (v3.0.0). The ccz80 language has a syntax based on C language, to program for Amstrad CPC, ZX Spectrum and MSX on a PC.

P.S. : see CCZ80++ now.

Another report of the Break Point 2010 meeting in the Hugi diskmag


You can read the diskmag Hugi 36 for another report of the Break Point 2010 meeting and the article about the Amstrad demo scene in 2009 by Optimus.

Mac-CPC v092 alpha, an Amstrad CPC emulator for Mac OS X


You can download the emulator MAC-CPC v0.9.2a for Mac OS X by Flynn. MacCPC is the C and Objective C port of his second Amstrad CPC emulator called WinCPC.

PC-CPC v0.1aq emulator


You can download the latest version of the PC-CPC emulator by Ludovic Deplanque (Demoniak).

This version corrects bugs and adds choice for color and green monitor, an assembler, the start of the CPC+ asic emulation.

Genesis8 Amstrad Page on social networking sites : Facebook and Twitter


This site is now on Facebook and Twitter.

CPC Games Reviews update


CPC Game Reviews has 3 new reviews. It also announce the availibity of Dead on Time as a tape package by Psytronik Software (Star Sabre 128 also available as a disc package).

Star Sabre 128 as a tape package  Dead on Time as a disc package

Break Point 2010 report by Hicks (Vanity)


You will be able to read the Break Point 2010 report by Hicks on CPCScene. It's a demo meeting in Germany where the Amstrad CPC was present :

  • demo : From Scratch by Vanity, got 3rd spot (public choice category),
  • music : Fairy by Zik (Futurs), a music played with an alpha version of a SID player, got 11th spot,
  • freestyle graphism : Soleil Vert by Supersly (les sucres en morceaux), got 13th spot.

Soylent Green (just eat me !) by Supersly (Les sucres en morceaux)


You can download Soleil vert by Supersly (les sucres en morceaux), a graphic made for the Breakpoint 2010 meeting. By the way, Soleil vert is the french name of the science-fiction film Solyent Green with Charlton Heston in 1973. A very good film, I recommend seing it if you didnt yet.

This picture uses flipping to get 31 shades of green (CT65 monitor).

Soleil vert by Supersly

The C64 emulator for Iphone is free for a short duration


Be fast to get the C64 emulator for Iphone free for a short duration.

The Amstrad CPC screenshot and load screen Catalog


On Press Play Then Any Key, you will find the Amstrad CPC screenshot catalog and the Amtrad CPC load screen catalog by Lex Sparrow and ZX4Ever. But the link below will permit you to download latest version (v1.2).