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The Amstrad CPC database GameBase CPC v23 is available


GameBase CPC v23 is available since the 19th December.

Happy new year 2012


Happy new year 2012, I wish you a good health too and also to all you love.

C Programming on and for Amstrad CPC (with SDCC, z88dk and ccz80)


To program in C on Amstrad CPC there are several compilers :

  • Small-C
  • Arnord-C
  • Hitech-C
  • Small-C
  • PhrozenC (on AND for Amstrad CPC as it also exists for windows)

But you can also program in C for Amstrad CPC on another platform. First,the multi-platform C compiler SDCC v3.1.0 targetting Z80 is out.

To use this compiler you can use an IDE : either Code::Blocks with its SDCC template by Octoate, or Phactory v2.1 by NoRecess with the help of SDCC2Pasmo v1.5(wich comes with sources). SDCC2Pasmo takes an .ASM file created by SDCC and converts it to used with PASMO (a Z80 cross assembler) which is compatiblewith Maxam (Amstrad CPC Z80 compiler, WinApe too).

You can find tutors for using SDCC on NoRecess web site or on CPCWiki.

If you are interested in using SDCC, you should read this CPCWiki forum thread about SDCC possible problems and anotherabout sMIDP2lib : a SDCC framework library by Mr Lou (which has now its own page on CPCWiki.

SDCC isnt the only compiler you can use, there is also :

ESP Soft's blog (google translation herein english) has informations about using Z88dk (librairies like cpcrslib and cpcwyzlib) and ccz80 (earliest news).

Happy Christmas 2011


I wish you all a happy Christmas 2011.

Punk Star HD Gameplay by Metr81


Here is a new HD video by Metr81 of the spanish Amstrad CPC game Punk Star written by Genesis Soft in 1988.

One of the few games with vocal synthesis (at loading screen stating the title of the game). A platform game, which doesnt seem so easy.

Punk Star also exists on MSX and ZX Spectrum.

loading screen of the Amstrad CPC game Punk Star  menu screen of the Amstrad CPC game Punk Star  screen of the Amstrad CPC game Punk Star

3D Classics Xevious on Nintendo 3DS


Xevious, a classic shoot them up is available on the Nintendo 3DS Eshop. The reviewer of this Xevious youtube video states that the 3D allow to easily recognize flying targets from ground targets. A new hit ?

screenshot of Amstrad CPC game Xevious

The 8bit game Barbarian now on Iphone, Android, PC and MAC !


Anuman is working on a new version of Barbarian on Iphone, Android, PC and MAC, it wont be just a port of the 1987 game by Palace Software. It should be available on 12th December. Check the source of this news for screenshots of this news version.

screenshot of Amstrad CPC game Barbarian

Playing Elite on Nintendo DS and Android phones


A little bit more than 2 years ago, I wrote that Elite IV was announced on PS3 and Xbox360. Today still nothing new to chew, see what people think about this vaporware on Frontier's forums (funny).

Happily, it's still possible to play Elite if you have an Android phone or a Nintendo DS (or even a GBA), thanks to DS-Elite. DS-Elite is an interpretation of Elite A, a version of Elite modified by Angus J. C. Duggan made available in the mid 1990s. Elite was originally written by David Braben and Ian Bell in 1984 for the BBC Microcomputer.

If you are interested in a new Elite game, take a look at Pioneer (alpha stage though).

loading screen of the Amstrad CPC game Elite

Zero byte demo by Arteffect


The shortest Amstrad CPC demo by Arteffect is only 0 byte :

border 17
call &12
call &14

I let you see the result of this demo on Youtube.

Super Cauldron, review and longplay by Xyphoe


Super Cauldron is one of the last games sold on Amstrad CPC sortis in 1992 by Titus Software, with Prehistorik 2. It was coded by Elmar Krieger, with music by Christian Lier and Thorsten Mitschele (Kangaroo Musique) using Soundtrakker.

Simon Forrester reviewed Super Cauldron in the June 1993 issue of Amstrad Action (issue 93), giving the game an overall rating of 96% - one of the highest ratings that AA has ever given. This two-page review was noteworthy in that Simon wrote it in the form of a poem (quoted from CPCWiki).

You can see the video of Super cauldron on Youtube.

loading screen of the Amstrad CPC game Super Cauldron

QuickCMD v2.3 by NoRecess


QuickCMD v2.3 is out, a shell-based user interface by NoRecess.

This adds support for a new command history to be used through UP and DOWN keys (was requested by many of you !). Also, a critical crash has been fixed with ROMS command when listing ROMs having corrupted names. Another critical problem (involving stability) has been fixed with direct drive parsing. And finally, the RSX got renamed to |Q for even faster switching from BASIC to QuickCMD.

QuickCMD v1.0 in action

Antiriad played on piano and longplay video


Not a remake but simply the music of the game Antiriad (the armor of) played on piano by Alpiso on Youtube.

For the longplay video by Cholo head to longplay part 1 of Antiriad and longplay part 2 of Antiriadon Youtube.

loading screen of the Amstrad CPC game Sacred armor of Antiriad