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Crazy Cars CPC, a remake programmed in basic with QB64 by F.L. (Barbarian 1987)


After creating a Barbarian remake for its 25th anniversary, F.L. just programmed in only 1 month and 1000 lines code Crazy Cars CPC : a faithful remake though with some differences : shorter levers for example. The game is open source so you can make it better if you want.

F.L. did program it with in basic (QB64), which is a windows compiler. You can get out your gwbasic or quick basic programs and still run them with QB64, or use the new features bringed by QB64 (like networking).

screen of the Crazy Cars amstrad cpc game

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SymbOS, Subversion, TortoiseSVN, and the meaning of life (well game of life)


As seen on the SymbOS mailing list :

So I set up a project at now :
SymbOS on SourceForge

Additional information have to be added, this is just a first start.

You can checkout the application and driver source codes here :

You don't need an account for read access. If you want to have write access please contact me directly.

If you try this and have any issues please tell me.


Ok, so you want to get the sources ? Then start to download TortoiseSVN and install it.

Then create a new directory, right click on it, choose SVN Checkout... and copy and paste in URL of repository.

Checkout the SymbOS repository on SourceForge

Et voila ! You have the SymbOS sources on your computer to toy with it.

To update the sources to the last version, right click on the directory and choose SVN Update (english documentation of subversion available, other languages too).

About the Conway game of life, I recommand to read What is the Game of Life ? by Paul Callahan and More than a game : the Game of Life by Adrian McMenamin.

Prodatron is working again on SymbOS, a new program available soon


As seen on the SymbOS mailing list :

Already posted this on MRC, but here again...

Seems that I am back now on the Z80 after a break of nearly 5 years - terrible long time...

In May I started to work on a Amstrad CPC project again. One week ago I developed a little SymbOS application to become familiar with all this stuff. Luckily it seems, that I didn't forget too much... It's nothing special, just another "Conway's Game Of Life" implementation, and it should only demonstrate two things:

  • the final version uses "multithreading" to show the multitasking behaviour of SymbOS: The field generator process will run at a low priority, so that other apps and the controls of the app itself won't be slowed down in any way
  • I am coding for SymbOS again

Here is a video, I guess I will release this little app in a few days.

Before I can work 100% on SymbOS again I have to finish this other CPC specific project first, but that has to be done until autumn. I need to finish a few things for SymbOS 2.1, finalizing the multiline textbox control, fix some stuff with the new version of the MSX device driver system etc. I really want to make a 2.1 release soon, hopefully end of this year, so that it's possible to concentrate on larger things after that again.

Many greetings and CU soon,

Super Edge Grinder by Axelay, Rex(Beng) and Tom&Jerry, an updated Amstrad CPC game


Super Edge Grinder is an updated version of Edge Grinder by Axelay.

It comes with news graphics by Rex (Beng) and updated music by Tom & Jerry. There is also a boss.

loading screen of the Amstrad CPC game Edge Grinder

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HD Gameplay by Metr81 of the Amstrad CPC game Head over Heels


Here is a HD video by Metr81 (February 2011) of the Amstrad CPC game Head over Heels edited by Ocean Software in 1987. A great classic written by Jon Ritman.

loading screen of the Amstrad CPC game Head over Heels

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Imaginario Colectivo, an Amstrad CPC adventure/platform game by ESP Soft


Imaginario Colectivo is the last Amstrad CPC game by ESP Soft (adventure/platform).

History, programmation and graphics by GG, sound by McKlain, edition by Litos.

From the same authors : Hora Bruja.

loading screen of the Amstrad CPC game Imaginario Colectivo

Captain Blood Legacy, the following of the Captain blood game by Exxos


A following to Captain Blood by Exxos (later renamed to Cryo) should be a good thing : Captain Blood Legacy.

But when we know that they sacrificed the Amstrad CPC used to program the original game, should we howl to the moon, hoping that this sacrifice wont be useless ? Will this following game be enough to fill the emptyness created by this awful destruction ? I do hope so...

loading screen of the Captain Blood Amstrad CPC game

An Oh Mummy remake on Iphone and ... Sega Megadrive


Oh Mummy is an Amstrad CPC classic, programmed by Gem Software and published by Amsoft in 1984. The music comes from a child music : The Streets of Cairo, or the Poor Little Country Maid.

There is a Oh Mummy remake for Mummy pour Iphone by Lentrica Software for 0,99 €.

An Oh Mummy remake for Sega Megadrive by 1985 Alternativo (Spain) can be ordered in advance, the game being available in October 2012.

gameplay screenshot of the Amstrad CPC game Oh Mummy

Sardina Forever by GenSoft ( 2012), a remake of Sabrina (1989)


Sardina Forever by Gen Soft (showed at the RetroMadrid 2012) is available on Amstrad ESP.

It's a remake of the Sabrina game by Iber Soft in 1989. It's the original programmer Javier Garcia who wrote the remake.

The remake include a new loading screen by David (6128) and music by McKlain.

Controls are Q, A, O, P to move Sardina and 1, 2, 3 to beat people.

loading screen of the Amstrad CPC game Sardina Forever

Les tuniques bleues : nord vs sud is now available on Iphone/Ipad


As announced in march, the remake of the Amstrad CPC game is now available on Iphone and Ipad under the name Tuniques bleues : nord vs sud.

There are 2 versions, the first one at 1,99 € and the other one at 2,99 €, I couldnt see at first glance their differences.

loading screen of the Amstrad CPC game North and South

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European Soccer Challenge on Amstrad CPC, review and longplay by Xyphoe


European Soccer Challenge is an Amstrad CPC soccer game created by Fun Factory and published by Edos in 1989.

loading screen of the Amstrad CPC game European Soccer Challenge

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an iOS program : ZX Nostalgia Arcade edition volume 1 : The Mojons Twins


Looking on Itunes in the apps store with the Amstrad keyword, I was surprised to see an iOS application written by Manuel F. Garcia CABELLO (ZX Nostalgia Arcade edition volume 1 : The Mojons Twins) which let you playing several game written by The Mojons Twins, who are prolific authors of ZX Spectrum and Amstrad CPC games.

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