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Gold Maze, an Amstrad CPC game in basic 1.1 and 1.0 by VynZ-prog


Sadly it doesnt run correctly with CPCBasicTS to be able to play online, so I removed it. I will see with Marco Vieth if we can correct this.

Released at the end of 2023, Gold Maze by VynZ-prog is a puzzle/adventure amstrad CPC game written in pure basic v1.1, you can see Gold Maze in a Youtube video. A version in basic 1.0 for Amstrad CPC 464 was released in January 2024.

On the left you can see the three treasures that you can recover with four marbles indicating when they will disappear. It's better to collect treasure as soon as possible. Below the three treasures is the player's box that you will have to position on the map in the first round. Then each turn you must rotate a box (or a row ?) and move your character.

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