Fresh Amstrad CPC, PCW, Notepad NC100 NC150 NC200 and PDA600 news

3D-Maze by Nigel Sharp in basic, ported to CCZ80 by Ervin Pajor


3D-Maze is a labyrinth program in Amstrad CPC basic by Nigel Sharp (Amstrad Computer User, October 1985). Ervin Pajor ported it to the windows Z80 compiler CCZ80 (by Emilio Guerrero).

menu screenshot of 3D-Maze by Nigel Sharp and Ervin Pajor game screenshot of 3D-Maze by Nigel Sharp and Ervin Pajor score screenshot of 3D-Maze by Nigel Sharp and Ervin Pajor

Build your own AMX Compatible Mouse Adapter


You can now build for about 8 € your own AMX Compatible Mouse Adapter which let you use any PS2 or USB mouse using a USB to PS/2 adapter plug (no bluetooth USB mouses though), and use any AMX compatible Amstrad CPC software like advanced OCP art studio, FutureOS or SymbOS.

AMX compatible mouse adaptater

Stranded, a ZX spectrum arcade puzzle game by Bob Smith


Stranded is an arcade puzzle game for ZX Spectrum by Bob Smith. It has been ported to Amstrad CPC by Kevin Thacker. It could be first bought at Chronosoft with a real package (tape), but it can now be donwloaded.

loading screenshot of Stranded by Bob Smith and Kevin Thacker menu screenshot of Stranded by Bob Smith and Kevin Thacker game screenshot of Stranded by Bob Smith and Kevin Thacker

New look for Phenix Informatique


Phenix Informatique got a lifting (french site only), go see it if you didnt check it lately.

Rick Dangerous is back on Amstrad CPC+ with more features and updated graphics


Rick Dangerous 128+ is a new version enhanced by Fano, Macdeath and BDC Iron of Rick Dangerous (available 20 years ago in 1989). Some of the new features of this version is the use of the 4096 colors of the CPC+, new levels coming from the 16bit versions, DMA music, the use of the 2nd shoot button of the CPC+ joystick to jump...

Below a screenshot of the original version and of the 128+ version :

screenshot of the original Rick Dangerous  screenshot of Rick Dangerous 128+

loading screen of Rick Dangerous 128+ menu screen of Rick Dangerous 128+ loading level screen of Rick Dangerous 128+

Happy christmas 2009


I wish you all a happy christmas 2009 with nice gifts. There were less news these past weeks, because I am working behind the stage on new features, which I hope will be ready soon.

a batch of 25 Symbiface II is available


This weekend Dr.Zed brought Prodatron a batch of the SYMBiFACE II card (25 pieces) including cables with edge connectors. So you can order it again! At the moment Prodatron can't ship centronics connector cables, but he hopes to have them at the end of december from Dr.Zed. You can mail him at jmika [a t] prodatron [d o t] net.

Dragon's Lair on Iphone in the future


Dragon's Lair will be available in the future on Iphone, no date released though.

CPCemu v1.7 for win32/linux by Marco Vieth


CPCemu for dos by Marco Vieth was the first Amstrad CPC emulator I used. It exists also for win32 and linux, and the last version now supports other keyboard than the qwerty one.

WXCOMMANDER, a file manager for windows which read/write .DSK files


WXCOMMANDER (see CPC Loader) is a general purpose two-panel file manager for windows, but it can read/write .DSK files, others features :

  • Create zip and iso files
  • Upload files to the Internet using FTP
  • Fast file handling using the keyboard
  • Built-in viewers handling many file formats
  • Advanced built-in text editor
  • Create animated gifs
  • Create shortcut menus for your USB flash drives
  • Portable - a single exe file with no particular dependencies
  • Convert mdb files to csv or dbf
  • No installation required (self-extracting zip exe provided for convenience)
  • No uninstallation required (just delete the folder)
  • Free for non-professional home use

CPCGamesCD updated by MiguelSky (October 2009)


CPCGamesCD is a live CD by MiguelSky with emulators and the NVG Amstrad game collection. It has been updated :

  • Includes frontend, new CPC Loader 2.5 by Troels K.
  • Includes NVG games update 10/18/2009
  • Includes Snap-Pack by MiguelSky (3589 images)
  • Added new version 6.2 of JavaCPC emulator
  • Includes Linux version of CPCLoader 2.5 and emus update
  • Includes Maps folder of NVG and support for that
  • Includes Links to T.A.C.G.R.