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Benediction cross ASseMbler by Krusty targetting Amstrad CPC for windows, mac and linux


Krusty (Benediction) is developping at the moment Benediction cross ASseMbler (BASM) which you can get in his github depot.

I will let Krusty present himself hit utility : these last months, I have worked on the Benediction cross ASseMbler that will be used in our next production.I have not yet tested it in real-world conditions, so ATM I have truly no idea of its efficiency/usability.

I write this message to let anyone give it some try and provide me feedback to fix potential bugs and eventually bring more features for its real official release.I guess the official release will be accompanied by a graphic version of basm for those that are not yet ready to use command line tools.

Its aim is not to replace rasm that is a really fast and good assembler. But it can be used in contexts where rasm cannot play. BTW it is not 100%compatible with rasm code.

Of course, there is no documentation ready yet, but you can get most of its possibilities in the files named good_xxx.asm in this directory of the github depot.

Among what is not (yet) available for rasm you can check the section, basic, or iterate examples.

Note that basm uses two assembling passes by default, but can stop at the first pass if there is no need to do another one or add additional ones if necessary (which makes the ifused example compatible with basm but not rasm).

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