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Announce for the Amstrad CPCRetroDev 2020 contest


CPCRetroDev 2020 is the 8th edition of the programming contest for the Amstrad CPC 464, organized by the Alicante's university. You have till the 3rd November 2020 to submit your program. Results will be available starting at 7pm on the 13th November.

As stated by @adventuron on Twitter, why not making an adventure game for this contest using Adventuron and the DAAD software ?

Don't hesitate to check the previous productions : CPCRetroDev 2019, but also the years before, they are gems to be found.

A speedrun of Target Renegade by Galamoth in 19 minutes 32 seconds on Amstrad CPC


Target Renegade is a beat them all game written in 1988 by Mike LAMB (code), Dawn DRAKE (graphics), Gary BIASILLO (music) and a cover illustration by Bob WAKELIN. It was edited by Ocean Software under the label Imagine Software.

On OursoN Retrogames's youtube channel, Galamoth is showing a speedun in 6 minutes and 30seconds on Predator.

A physical edition of Space Moves (2015) by Retrobytes Productions


Space moves is an Amstrad CPC game written by Toni RAMIREZ and John McKlain for the music, edited by Retrobytes Productions for the 2015 contest. There is now a physical edition sold by Matra for 21,45 euros.

WIP Atic Atac for Amstrad CPC by John Ward


Atic Atac is a classic on ZX Spectrum (Atic Atac on Wos). The game was written by Tim and Chris Stamper, it was published by Ultimate Play the Game (alson on the BBC micro) in 1983.

John Ward is working on a version of Atic Atac for Amstrad CPC (CPCWiki).

A first video of Atic Atac is available on John Ward's Youtube channel.

After Hibernated and Eight feet under by Stefan Vogt, the curse of Rabenstein


After Hibernated and Eight feet under, Stefan Vogt has released a new adventure game : the Curse of Rabenstein which takes place inside the german black forest at night... This adventure game has been released for several platforms : Amstrad CPC, C64, Plus/4, ZX Spectrum (+3, ESXDOS et Next), Amiga, Atari ST, msdos and any modern PC.

New game by Reidrac : Kitsune's Curse for Amstrad CPC 464


The last game by Reidrac (Juan Martinez) is out since the 17th April : Kitsune's Curse.

Kitsun'es curse is the following of Golden Tail, where the Osaka Castle was released from the evil summoned by the dark heart of the Shogun. But not all ended well for everybody.

When the true nature of our hero Kitsune was revealed, something unexpected happened: he shape-shifted into a fox-man.

To make things worse, when he woke up after the transformation, the talisman had been stolen by the Yiga. This clan is known for their dark arts and their deals with the Yōkai (supernatural monsters), and it is believed that they hide it now in Akasaka Castle, trying to subjugate the power of the stone.

You play the role of the ninja spy, who is on a mission to steal the Golden Tail from the Yiga clan, and hopefully use it to break Kitsune’s Curse.

Kitsune's curse was tested by Xyphoe onr Youtube.

Help needed to finish an Amstrad CPC game : Takedown by Sigh


Sigh has finished all the artworks for his game Takedown (inspired by the game Dive Kick) for Amstrad CPC in mode 1 with 128 Kb of RAM. He is needed help from programmers to finish his game. If you can help him, just click on the source link just below.

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