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Sapiens v3.0 for windows/MacOS by Didier and Olivier Guillion


It's a long time since I didnt come back to Myriad Online by the brothers Didier and Olivier Guillion. Their game Sapiens for windows (95 to 10) and MacOS (10.5 and more) has been updated last time in April 2017 with the version 3.0, which is also now a freeware (shareware before). Of course with the original music written by Gilles Soulet.

Check the older informations below about Sapiens, especially the video by Le Daron with Didier Guillion and Gilles Soulet, ainsi que les remix de la musique de Gilles.

Play Amstrad CPC games online with BZH Games (records registered)


You can play Amstrad CPC games online on BZH Games (without sound though) thanks to the CPCBox emulator. If you are one of the best, your score will be registered.

An interview of Stéphane F. author of an adventure game The Carnival Masks


There is an interview of Stéphane F. on Amstrad.EU about his game the Carnival Masks which I wrote about last month.

The results of the Amstrad CPCRetroDev 2019 competition


The results of the CPCRetroDev 2019 competition are out, see below. Congratulations too all the teams for their efforts from the last to the first. Writing a game is certainly not the easiest thing to do between programmation, gameplay, graphics and sound. Thanks to you for all your work which helps the Amstrad CPC live still.

I will try to take time to test them all in the following days. My first try will be the 31th game : Cpcrogue as I like roguelike games.

  • 01 - Miss input
  • 02 - Ludic Break the loop
  • 03 - EPIMETEO
  • 04 - Cobra
  • 05 - Bike masters
  • 06 - Super Tongue Dino
  • 07 - Hey Sailor !
  • 08 - Ratones y mazmorras
  • 09 - Woods rescue
  • 10 - ManPac
  • 11 - Happy Monty
  • 12 - Jackstrad
  • 13 - Shinobu
  • 14 - League of tanks
  • 15 - Dragon egg
  • 16 - DiscRespect
  • 17 - UFO driver
  • 18 - Shadow soul
  • 19 - Invasion a Marte
  • 20 - Fitzroy in the dark
  • 21 - Runninja
  • 22 - Jack's bubble island
  • 23 - PP space mercenary
  • 24 - Combat tendency
  • 25 - Project thing
  • 26 - Retro tennis super wave
  • 27 - Angry Kitten
  • 28 - Area51Raid
  • 29 - Mediaval brawl
  • 30 - Plant Attack
  • 31 - Cpcrogue
  • 32 - Ronin Revenge
  • 33 - Resignation Quest
  • 34 - DJD
  • 35 - CAPITAL QUIZ!

GameBase CPC (v33) by Loïc Daneels is back


GameBase CPC v33 is available since today.

Please download only one file at a time.

A speedrun of Trantor by Kukulcan in 4 minutes and 40 seconds on Amstrad CPC


Trantor is a run and gun released in 1987 on Amstrad CPC, edited by U.S. Gold. It was programmed by David PERRY, graphics by Nick BRUTY and music by David WHITTAKER.

On OursoN Retrogames's youtube channel, Kukulcan is showing a speedrun of 4 minutes and 40 seconds on Trantor.

ISS Emergency, a new adventure game for Amstrad CPC


Seen on MO5, a new adventure game is out on Amstrad CPC : ISS Emergency, also on ZX Spectrum, Commodore Plus/4 and C64, and PC too.

ISS EMERGENCY has been originally written for the Commodore Plus/4 et C64 by John Whatson, then adaptated by Gareth Pitchford with DAAD converted by Siz for the other 8bit platforms.

The Pawn by Magnetic Scrolls, remastered From Original Source Code by Strand Games


Strand Games has released in 2017 a remastered version of The Pawn, Guild of Thieves and Jinxter by modifying binaries. Since them source code of The Pawn has been found. So it's time for a remastered verion from this original code source which let adding ambient sounds with new adjustable volume, improved sound handling on Linux, item icons and an option to put text below graphics.

For at least 1,49 pound, you can buy the windows (32/64), linux and mac versions of The Pawn. There are also Iphone and Android versions of The Pawn.

A new adventure game : On the Queen's footsteps by Davide Bucci on Amstrad CPC


Seen on Twitter, Davide Bucci is the author of adventure games, including On the Queen's footsteps for several platforms.

His game is written with The Adventure Writing System (AWS) by Aristide Torrelli and his own utility aws2c which translates AWS ascii files directly in C code. As his utility uses Z88DK to create the ZX Spectrum version, it was easy for him to write an Amstrad CPC version, thanks to him.

Here is the introduction of the game : today is August 27th, 1904. Nine months ago, you, Emilia Vittorini, joined the Italian Archeological Expedition in Egypt led by Ernesto Schiaparelli, the director of the Egyptian Museum of Turin. You are now back in Genova, Italy: your steam ferry arrived three days ago with 25 wooden boxes containing Queen Nefertari Meritmut's grave goods, a real treasure! They left Genova by train, heading towards Turin, yesterday evening. While they were in transit, you were invited to a sumptuous reception organised by a wealthy art lover, Eugenio Collovati, count of Raligotto, but it would be hard to say that you appreciated the evening. But the reception was yesterday: now, you must catch the train to Turin and check that the treasure arrived safely. I will be your eyes and ears. Good luck.

After the loading screen, press the Return Key to get the start of the game (see second screen below).

On the Queen's Footsteps par Davide Bucci, loading screen On the Queen's Footsteps par Davide Bucci, start of the game

After Hibernated and Eight feet under by Stefan Vogt, the cover for Hibernated 2


After Hibernated, Stefan Vogt wrote Eight feet under, both games are available. Hibernated 2 is WIP, but the cover of the game is now official on Twitter.

Sonic GX for the Amstrad GX-4000 by No Recess at the Alchemie 2019


No Recess did announce a WIP Amstrad GX-4000 game, and now the information is known, it's Sonic GX.

The game is programmed by NoRecess (Condense), graphics upgraded by CeD (Condense), audio by Targhan (Arkos) and tests by TotO, Overflow and Longshot.

There is a thread about Sonix GX on CPCWiki. More informations will be revealed in the Blast Annual 2020 (WIP newspaper). The game will be released officially in 2020.

A second video of Sonix GX is on Youtube.

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