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Teaser of a WIP game by Batman Group : Vespertino


Batman Group has made the buzz with a teaser of a racing game : Vespertino. There will be a lite disk version but on a CPC 464 you will need more memory. The real version will be on a cartridge for all CPC (so it's not a CPC+ cartridge) to be able to hold all the assets of the game. It will be like the Repoker de Ases cartridge which holds 4Mhz games.

Personnally, I was much impressed by the 3D rotation of the car, a nice effect.

Xyphoe has made a video in reaction of this teaser.

Results of the Basic 10 liners contest 2019


The results of the Basic 10 liners contest 2019 are out, Amstrad CPC programs are :

  • Shielding Color, 6th place category extrem 256
  • Nano Hexagon par Logiker, 10th place category PUR-80
  • CPCanabalt par Logiker, 5th place category PUR-120
  • OVO, 3rd place category extrem 256
  • Tanks Alot par Amsdos, 14th place category extrem 256
  • Logipics par Logiker, 2nd place catégory PUR-80

You can download all Amstrad CPC programs of the Basic 10 liners contest 2019.

Crownland WIP by Ivan Duchauffour, a conversion from an Atari 8bit platform game


Crownland was released on Atari 8 bit by the group LaResistance in 2007. It's a platform game which won 2nd place at ABBUC Software. The game is being converted on Amstrad CPC by Ivan Duchauffour. There are two videos available :

Creating an adventure game with Adventuron on PCs, tablets, mobile phones


Adventuron (on Twitter) lets you create an adventure game on PC, tablet and mobile phone (and more later).

Excalibur: Sword of Kings is a game created with Adventuron. Original version was by Ian Smith and Shaun McClure, the Adventuron remake is by Chris Ainsley.

Twilight Inventory - A Collection of Forgotten 8-Bit Adventure Games by Gareth Pitchford


Gareth Pitchford is the author of adventure games, a book about them (see first link) which can be bought printed, as a kindle book or downloaded as a PDF. His site also gives informations about creating adventure games.

PawMac for windows, an utility about creating adventure games by Jason McHale


Following my article about a bit of history about creation of adventure games, PawMac by Jason McHale is a windows utility to create maps of adventure games using The Quill or PAW (to be used with Trizbort) and to convert a game created with The Quill to use it with PAW.

Classic Adventurer, a newspaper about adventure games


Classic Adventurer is a newspaper about adventure games. There are also four issues with the 5th in preparation. Issue 4 has for example an article about DAAD.

Augmentinel by Simon Owen, a remake of The Sentinel for windows with VR support


Simon Owen, the author of SAMdisk has writtent Augmentinel (remake of The Sentinel) with VR support. He is using the original ZX Spectrum game under emulation but with better graphics and C64 sound.

Ready Cursor One, an Android game with Amstrad CPC graphics


Ready Cursor One is an Android game with Amstrad CPC graphics written by Simple Apps Without Ads.

Guide the orange cursor over the screen and score by picking up the gray ones. Orange Cursor One is always on the move and you can tap anywhere on the left or right half of the screen to make it turn in another direction. Avoid the sharp edges of the screen and other colored cursors that can show up over time. You can stay in any phase of the game for as long as you can and like. Once another and stationary orange cursor shows up you can pick that one up to get to the next phase of a stage anytime. After making it to the final phase of a stage all of the other around moving cursors turn gray and you can crush them. Although the game starts out at a very slow and sort of meditative speed it does get faster of course with each stage eventually challenging your reaction speed and situational awareness to their limits.

You can see a video of Ready Cursor One in action on Youtube.

Interview of Barry LEITCH (composer and graphist) who worked on Hero Quest by example


An interview of Barry LEITCH who is a composer and graphist for several 8bit games like Hero Quest for example.

Avec en prime un remake de la musique d'Hero Quest par SuTeKH/Epyteor.

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