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El Linaje Real v1.0.1, an Amstrad CPC platform game by ESP Soft


An update of El Linaje Real by ESP Soft is available, which fixes a few problems.

El Linaje Real, an Amstrad CPC platform game by ESP Soft is available


El Linaje Real by ESP Soft is available !

It's a platform game with 5 levels. You will test your sword skill in this game, by foot, by horse, by boat. There is more than one way to finish the game.

El Linaje Real by ESP Soft, many informations on Retro Maniac


Many informations are available on El Linaje Real by ESP Soft on Retro Maniac, in spanish.

loading screen of the Amstrad cpc game El Linaje Real by ESP Soft

Some sweet music tonight ? Three remix of Thanatos for the price of one (piano and guitar) !


Thanatos remixed by DJ ThumpHeadAche is a superb adaptation of the Thanatos music, you should really listen to it.

Already mentionned in 2011, a beautiful play of Thanatos on piano by Alpiso is quite a hit too (Alpiso Youtube's channel has more Amstrad CPC tunes).

Warming some old 2011 news is still useful, the next link wasnt good in 2011 (corrected now), so what about listening to a Thanatos guitar arrangement played by Pacopersia this time ?

For the longplay video by cholo go to :

loading screen of the Amstrad CPC game Thanatos

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A column about adventure games (Eight Bit Adventurer) in the next issues o f Eight Bit Magazine


Eight Bit Magazine will print this Eight Bit Adventurer column by Stuart Williams about the adventure games on 8bit compouters. Stuart is already writing in Eight Bit Magazine about Apple computers, and an article the apple adventurer will be in the incoming issue 3. For more informations, go read Retro Computing News.

Issue 3 of Eight Bit Magazine can be pre-ordered.

Less Youtube videos announced so you dont get an indigestion


When I was only announcing Youtube videos of some youtubbers (Xyphoe, CholoCPC, ChinnyVision...), it was nice enough. But lately with more Youtubbers, I cant announce them all in the news, otherwise you would get rapidly a Youtube indigestion. So I will show the last 10 I added (see above), but still will announce some of them, because I like the game or any other reason (good I hope).

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You dont want to vote for either Macron or Le Pen ? Then vote for JB le Daron !


For french people, it's right this week-end, we are going to vote either for Macron or for Le Pen. So Votez pour moi by Coktel Vision (1985) is in a youtube video by JB le Daron. It's a management game where you are one candidate for the french presidential election. What will you do to get elected by the good french people ?

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