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How to make a game with the Graphic Adventure Creator (Part 1) by Zoë Kirk-Robinson


A first video of several to let you create adventure games with the Graphic Adventure Creator which also exists on ZX Spectrum, by Zoë Kirk-Robinson.

Robbie Strikes Back by Salvador Cantero, a conversion of the ZX Spectrum game Pssst


Pssst is a ZX Spectrum game by Ultimate Play the Game in June 1983. You play Robbie the robot which must protect plants from insects, each one needing a specific weapon. It was written by Chris Stamper (programmation) and Tim Stamper (graphics).

Today, it's an Amstrad CPC version by Salvador Cantero which will be soon released as the programmation is almost done.

Porting Amstrad CPC games on Nintendo 3DS ?


You are a good programmer (or not), you got an Amstrad CPC and a portable Nintendo 3DS console ?

Then you really need SmileBASIC by SmileBoom (japanese studio) to program Amstrad CPC games on the Nintendo 3DS for the price of 9,50 €.

Creation of an arcade stick for Amstrad CPC with used materials by Inclouds


A video by Inclouds who is making an arcade stick for Amstrad CPC with used materials.

Tempest 4000, a new version of this classic game (Dave Theurer) by Jeff Minter


David Theurer is maybe less known, but he is the game designer of the original Tempest in 1981, released on Amstrad CPC in 1986, converted by par David K. PRIDMORE and edited by Electric Dreams.

More known, Jeff Minter is the author of the classics Defender and Centipede for the 8bit, but also of Tempest 2000 (1994) and Defender 2000 (1995) for the Atari Jaguard console. He also released TxK, a remake of Tempest 2000 on Sony Vita in 2013. Well this year, he will release Tempest 4000 on PC and consoles.

The last V8, longplay, C64 remix on Amstrad CPC and C64 live remix


The Last V8 was released by Mastertronic in 1985 on Amstrad CPC (also on C64, Atari 8-bit), with programmation by David DARLING, design by Richard Darling, graphics by Jim Wilson and music by Rob Hubbard. Escape a nuclear bomb by running your car as fast as you can to a bunker which will protect you. It's a very hard racing game, with some dead end while you have limited time... Personnally I found it too hard and avoided it after a few games. The C128 version countains 3 levels instead of two.

A video of longplay has been done by Amstrad Maniaque on Youtube, there is also a (C64 remix for the Amstrad CPC released by Epyteor. And finally a C64 music live remix by [LukHash].

Drawings about Amstrad CPC games (Knight Lore, Batman, Manic Miner)


This tweet is very nice for all the answers wich countains drawings about Amstrad CPC games as Knight Lore, Batman and Manic Miner.

Poly Play shipping cost for less now (Amstrad CPC software)

- est un distributeur de jeux retro, où vous pouvez trouver notamment des jeux et du matériel pour Amstrad et Commodore, mais pas seulement, pour consoles également.

Il y a désormais une option de port sans suivi et sans assurance moins chère. Vous pouvez donc commander des jeux Amstrad comme ceux de Reidrac ou le jeu Doomsday Lost Echoes (aventure graphique).

Project Goat, the next Amstrad CPC game by Defecto Digital Studios


Not much informations for the moment, but Project Goat should be the next game by Defecto Digital Studios, you can only see a gif on Twitter.

My OursoN Retrogames is so soft, and he is doing videos of Amstrad CPC games on Youtube


Another person doing video of Amstrad CPC games on Youtube, in french, he is called OursoN Retrogames (ourson means bear cub). He just did his eighth video about six games : Skateball, Ikari Warriors, Marauder, Gilligan's gold, Grand Prix 500cc and Renegade. Come caress his fur on Youtube.

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