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Eerie Forest, an Amstrad CPC plus and GX4000 demo by Logon System (Overflow and TotO)


Eerie Forest ("Shadow of the Beast" one-screen intro) by Logon System is their last demo released this week-end at the Alchimy 2017 demo meeting.

Download Eerie Forest on Pouet.

It features :

  • original music by David Whittaker, from a 4 channel mod to a 3 channel song made for Amstrad CPC plus DMA-AY (samples)
  • 80+ colors from the 4096 palette of the Amstrad CPC plus
  • 3 mixed overscan modes (640-320-160)
  • 40+ splitscreens and rasters
  • pixel accurate hardware scroll
  • 100% bitmap, 1 layer, no text-mode)
  • 16 colourful sprites
  • 512 Ko ROM, 64 Kb (V)RAM

Operation Warcade : Operation Wolf in Virtual Reality on Steam


Operation Warcade is a virtual reality remake of Operation Wolf, compatible with the Occulus Rift and Vive VR gear on Steam. It will be also soon be compatible with all the recent mixed reality gear by Asus, Dell, Acer, HP and Samsung), which are just VR, not like Microsoft Hololens. It's a good looking version of Operation Wolf.

The video is done by Nostalgia Nerd.

X-mem, Y-Mem and now the Z-Mem and D-Rom by TotO for Amstrad CPC(+)


Before the Z-Mem by TotO, there were the X-Mem and the Y-Mem : the difference is the addressing of RAM and ROM. While the X-MEM addresses the lower ROM, ROMs 0-6 and 8-31, the Y-MEM addresses the ROMs from 32 to 63. The X-MEM allows to access 512 Kb RAM using the port &7Fxx. And the Y-MEM addresses another 512 Kb using the port &7Exx.

Using the X-MEM and the Y-MEM together you get 1 Mb of expansion RAM and 1 MB of Flash-ROM for the CPC or Plus computers.

And so the new Amstrad CPC expansion card Z-Mem get 1 Mb of RAM already (but without ROMs), useful for SymbOS users or to run the demo Bad Apple which needs as such RAM as 1 Mb ! So see this demo running with a Z-Mem and a PlayCity below.

The Z-Mem manages all PAL modes for the 464/664 and 464+ users. A switch "RAM 64K/SET" let you run like a basic 6128 ou to state the quantity of memory to use up to 1024 Kb. The Z-MEM will be sold for 29.90 € for 2x512K SRAM (other configurations to be defined later).

carte 1 Mo de RAM Z-MEM par TotO

The D-ROM (dual rom) is a 2x 256Kb flash board for 19.90 €) that allows you to handle two independants sets of ROM, boot, firmware or DOS (ROM7 compatible). The principle is the same than the ROM part of the X-Mem. The card let you boot on either of them with its own firmware and basic. A switch "ROM7 YES/NO" let users with CPC without AMSDOS (or which cant be desactivated) to install their own DOS.

512 Kb ROM expansion card : D-ROM by TotO

Updated version of Zynaps (Hewson) by CPC Wiki (2011)


Not really a fresh news (2011), but while reading the thread about the english version of the abbaye of crime, that there is an updated version of Zynaps due to CPC Wiki user with the following updates :

  • Loader & overscan code : SyX
  • Overscan splash screen : TotO
  • Splash screen music : Neil Grieve (C64) converted by SuTeKH/Epyteor
  • Splash screen music play-routine : Targhan
  • Cheat-Mode & Raster-Logo patch : CPC-Wiki & SaroneTC

Synchronized music of 1943 (Amstrad CPC and Amiga) by John Gage


A new video by John Gage : synchronized music of the arcade game 1943 (Capcom) converted on Amstrad CPC by Probe Software (AY in stereo) and Amiga.

The original music is written on both computers by Jason C. Brooke with the same octave and tempo.

The Abbey of crime, an Amstrad CPC spanish game, now translated in english !


It's done, The Abbey of crime, the spanish Amstrad CPC game based on the book The Name of the Rose by Umberto Eco has been translated in english by :

Beware, it's a Work in Progress translation, but a good part has been done already.

You can now order the Amstrad CPC fanzine Quasar by Futur's on their web site


In 2009, Quasar switched from paper area to numeric as a wiki. Today, you can order the past issues of the fanzine Quasar, either in paper, disk or PDF format.

On main page, click on the link Le Bazar.