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Final version of Top Top by Rantan, an Amstrad CPC game (plateform and puzzle) for 2 players


The final version of a spanish Amstrad CPC game coming from Spain (thanks for a little bit of sun) : Top Top par Rantan, it's a platform and puzzle game with the particularity to be played by 2 players ! it uses the CPCTelera development framework (C language). Top Top was presented at the CPCRetroDev 2015.

I will try it as soon as I can find someone to play with.

The description of the game by its two authors (AlexySGH and Davitsu) : Eira and Elric, a pair of slightly absent-minded magicians, have accidentally unleashed a powerful curse that have divided them, locking them in the dephts of the Tower of Wizardry. Now, they must use their wit and cooperate from afar to escape from the tower. Explore the different levels, avoid traps and solve puzzles to meet your partner at the top.

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