Amstrad CPC programs starting by character R


screenshot of the Amstrad CPC game R-Type by GameBase CPC

R-Type Electric dreams 1987    
R-Type Easter Egg 2012    

screenshot of the Amstrad CPC game R.B.I. Baseball 2 by GameBase CPC

R.B.I. Baseball 2 Namco 1991 Yes  
R.d.i. Black system 1990    
R.e.m. / remote excavation module Blaby computer games 1986 Yes  
R.t.smith compendium (the) Ccs      
Race (the) Edmund Spicer 1990    
Race (the) Players Premier 1990    
Race Against Time (the) Philip OLIVER, Andrew OLIVER, Stuart RUECROFT, David WHITTAKER 1988    
Race driving Domark 1991    
Racer conduite C. metz 1987    
Rad leak        
Rad ramp racer Mastertronic 1989    
Radius Players 1987    
Radius caver        
Radzone Mastertronic 1986    
Raid !!! Ocean Software 1985 Yes  

screenshot of the Amstrad CPC game Raid on saturnville by GameBase CPC

Raid on saturnville Lmc software      
Raid scorpion   1987    
Raid souterrain   1986    
Raid sur bagdad        
Raid sur tenere Coktel vision 1985    
Rainbow collection        

screenshot of the Amstrad CPC game Rainbow Islands by GameBase CPC

Rainbow Islands Taito Corporation 1989    
Ralf 2        
Rally R. fifield 1989    
Rally 22 Lmc software 1988    
Rally 3000 Cascade games 1986    
Rally cpc Cpc megasoft 1984    

screenshot of the Amstrad CPC game Rally Cross by GameBase CPC

Rally Cross Enigma Variations 1989    

screenshot of the Amstrad CPC game Rally driver by GameBase CPC

Rally driver Anco / h. macgibbon 1986    
Rally II Carlo PERCONTI, Michel WINOGRADOFF 1985 Yes  
Rally simulator Zeppelin games 1988    
Rallye 66 P. pedard 1985    

screenshot of the Amstrad CPC game Ram by GameBase CPC

Ram Topo soft 1990    
Ramasse miettes        
Ramblas: el caso vega   1986    
Rambo - First Blood Part II Ocean Software 1986 Yes  
Rambo III Andrew DEAKIN, Ivan HORN, Jonathan DUNN 1988    
Rami v2 Virtech / asc 1991    
Ramon rodriguez Erbe 1986    

screenshot of the Amstrad CPC game Rampage by GameBase CPC

Rampage Marcus RAINBOW, Mak, Nick JONES 1987    
Ramparts Go / probe 1987    
Ranarama Graftgold 1987    
Ransom / king's ransom / kiran S. ellis 1987    
Ransom's quest        

screenshot of the Amstrad CPC game Rapido by GameBase CPC

Rasputin Firebird 1986    
Rastan Ocean / imagine 1988    
Raster runner Mastertronic 1990    
Rasterscan Mastertronic 1987    
Rat connection Softhawk ? 1987    
Rat star        
Rath-Tha   1989    
Rats Cascade games 1986    
Ravager B. williams 1994    
Ravening Sylvain GUEHL 1992    

screenshot of the Amstrad CPC game Rc quest by GameBase CPC

Rc quest Jaysoft 1993    
Reactions en chaine C&t mangion 1986    
Reactivator   1986    
Real ghostbusters (the) Activision 1988    

screenshot of the Amstrad CPC game Real stunt experts (the) by GameBase CPC

Real stunt experts (the) Alternative software / enigma variations 1989    

screenshot of the Amstrad CPC game Real you (the) by GameBase CPC

Real you (the) Collins 1986    
Realm Paul JOHNSON 1987    
Realm of impossibility Mike EDWARDS 1985    
Realm of the trolls   1990    
Rebel planet Adventure international uk / robin waterfield 1985    
Rebelstar Firebird 1986   Yes
Rebotes A. martin 1984    
Rebound ball        
Recherche du nautilus (a la) Megafree 1992    
Recherche du roi richard (a la)        
Recherche miss x desesperement L. franz 1989    

screenshot of the Amstrad CPC game Reckless rufus by GameBase CPC

Reckless rufus Alternative software 1992    
Red & Blue Damir PETKOVIC, Y. J. MALMSTEEN 1991    
Red alert Mastertronic 1985    
Red arrows Database software 1985    
Red coats Lothlorien 1984    
Red heat Ocean 1989    
RED L.E.D. Starlight 1987 Yes  
Red Moon Level 9 Computing - Austin 1985    
Red Planet 2 Salvador Cantero 2017    
Red scorpion Quicksilva 1987    
Red stone E. montanari 1987    
Red Sunset ESP Soft 201x    
Redhawk Simon PRICE, Mike LEWIS 1986    
Redsea Gameroid 2018    
Reflector Dino / scull pd      
Reflector Lmc software 1988    
Reflex Kevin R. AYRE 1987    
Reflexes Jean-François SEHAN 1985    
Reflexion   1985    
Reflexion RAG Henri BITTNER 1987    
Reflexions Vincent BOUVELLE 1992    
Reich (das) New's software 1988    
Reino del Color (el) Antonio Corpas 2016    
Relief Action   1987    
Remake & pymbu R. boncourre 1992    
Remake 2 & pymbu        
Remake 3 & pymbu        
Remember D. kierman 1990    
Renaud - Marche a l'Ombre Kamel BALAN, Didier CHANFRAY, Charles CALLET 1987 Yes  
Rendez-vous avec la M.O.R.T. Philippe RIMAURO, Gilles RIMAURO 1991    
Renegade Technos 1987 Yes  
Renegade (kuma) Kuma 1985    

screenshot of the Amstrad CPC game Renegade III - The Final Chapter by GameBase CPC

Renegade III - The Final Chapter Imagine 1989 Yes  
Repere (le) P. ducrocq 1992    
Report Generator   1985    
Rescate J. pons      
Rescate Atlantida Creepsoft 1988    

screenshot of the Amstrad CPC game Rescate en el golfo by GameBase CPC

Rescate en el golfo Opera soft 1990    
Rescue (the) E. spicer      
Rescue from atlantis Dinamic 1988    
Rescue mission Lmc software 1986    
Rescue on fractalus Activision / lucasfilm 1986    
Resquilleur (le)   1986    

screenshot of the Amstrad CPC game Retour d'ali gator (le) by GameBase CPC

Retour d'ali gator (le) Lmc software 1989    
Retour des tenebres Futurs 1997    
Return of the Jedi Domark / tengen 1987    
Return to doom Topologicka / p. killworth 1988    
Return to eden Level 9 / austin 1984    
Return to oz Us gold / kaos / walt disney 1986    
Reussir les 4 operations Logiciel 44 1986    
Reussir orthographe 4e - 3e Logiciel 44 1987    
Reussir orthographe CM2 Logiciel 44 1987    

screenshot of the Amstrad CPC game Reveal by GameBase CPC

Reveal Mastertronic 1988    
Revenge (the) E. spicer      
Revenge of chaos T. kingsmill      

screenshot of the Amstrad CPC game Revenge of the c5 by GameBase CPC

Revenge of the c5 Atlantis software 1986    
Reversi   1985    
Reversi champion Loriciels 1986    
Revolution Costa PANAYI 1986    
Revolver Alternative software 1990    
Reward Jlm & mld 1991    
Rex The light / martech 1989    
Rex hard Mister chip 1986    
Richelieu   1986    
Rick Dangerous Microstyle 1989   Yes
Rick Dangerous 128+ Carl-Stephane BERQUEZ, Amaury DURAND, MacDeath 2009    
Rick Dangerous II Core Design 1990    
Rick hanson, special agent Robico software / r&m. o'leary 1987    

screenshot of the Amstrad CPC game Ricochet (Blaby) by GameBase CPC

Ricochet (Blaby) Blaby computer games 1986    
Ricochet (Firebird) Firebird 1987    
Rid of enemy Magic star soft      
Riding the rapids Players 1987    

screenshot of the Amstrad CPC game Rig attack by GameBase CPC

Rig attack Tynesoft 1985    
Rigel's revenge Mastertronic / n. brooks 1987    
Rik the Roadie Keith A GOODYER, Denis HICKIE 1988    
Ring (the) E. spicer 1990    
Ring des lichts (der) F. senft 1997    
Ring of darkness (the) Global soft / winter soft 1985    
Rings of artek B.m. eaton      
Rio-stripped poker        
Ripoux (les) Cobra soft 1987    
Risiko M. melchinger 1985    
Risk Virgin 1990    
Risky Holding DIMensionNEW 1986    
Ritter kunibert        
River (the) E. spicer      
River jumping        
River race Gabriel & maczewski 1987    
Road blasters Us gold 1988 Yes  
Road race Activision      
Road Runner Paul HOUBART 1987    
Road runner and wile e. coyote Hi-tec software 1991 Yes  
Road toad Tyson 1986    
Robbbot Ere informatique 1986    
Robbie Strikes Back Salvador Cantero 2017    
Robin hood   1987    
Robin Hood - Legend Quest   1993    
Robin of sherlock Crl / silversoft / f. mcneill 1985    
Robin of sherwood Adventure international uk / m woodroffe & brian b 1985    
Robinson crusoe Coktel vision 1987    
Robocide Asclepios software / lee foard      
Robocop Mike LAMB, Dawn DRAKE, Jonathan DUNN 1989    

screenshot of the Amstrad CPC game Robocop 2 by GameBase CPC

Robocop 2 Andrew DEAKIN, Ivan HORN, Matthew CANNON 1990 Yes  
Roboflop D. hall 1991    
Robot attack Mastertronic 1990    
Robot freddy Lmc software 1987    
Robot ron A team      
Robot ron v ice monsters S. martin 1986    
Robotic man        
Robotron 6128 Lachlan Keown 2009    
Robozone Arc Developments 1991    
Rocco Gremlin graphics 1985    
Rock 'n bolt Ricochet 1989    
Rock 'n roll Rainbow arts 1989    
Rock and roller Rafael GOMEZ, Roberto Potenciano ACEBES, Cesar ASTUDILLO 1988    
Rock dangerous D. hall 1990    
Rock hopper Amsoft 1985    
Rock Raid Steve Wallis 1985    
Rock star ate my hamster Codemasters 1989    
Rock west   1986    
Rock'n Wrestle   1985    
Rocket   1992    
Rocket ball Strobe 1986    
Rockford Mastertronic 1988    
Rocky Dinamic 1985    

screenshot of the Amstrad CPC game Rocky Horror Show (the) by GameBase CPC

Rocky Horror Show (the) Richard O'BRIEN'S 1985    

screenshot of the Amstrad CPC game Rod-Land by GameBase CPC

Rod-Land The Doomsday MACHINE 1991    
Rodeo Microids 1986    
Rody & Mastico Lankhor 1988 Yes  
Rody & Mastico II Lankhor 1990 Yes  
Roessel W. pieck 1989    
Rogue Mastertronic 1987    
Rogue Trooper Design Design 1986    
Roland Ahoy ! Computersmith 1984 Yes  
Roland garros        

screenshot of the Amstrad CPC game Roland goes digging by GameBase CPC

Roland goes digging Gem software 1984    
Roland goes square bashing Durell 1985    
Roland in space Gem software 1984    
Roland in the caves Indescomp 1984    
Roland in the haunted house C. wakelin 1985    
Roland in time Gem software 1984    

screenshot of the Amstrad CPC game Roland on the ropes by GameBase CPC

Roland on the ropes Indescomp 1985    
Roland on the run Epic soft 1984    
Roland takes a running jump Wilson & sharp 1986    
Roland's revenge Gem software      
Rollaball Timeslip software 1984    
Rollaround Mastertronic 1988    
Roller ball F. maniveau 1986    
Roller coaster Elite 1986    
Rolling stones Lmc software 1988    
Rolling thunder Us gold / namco 1988    
Romba Lmc software 1990    
Romeo squirrel S. avery      
Romulus, rome & moi Free game blot      
Roog S. avery 1990    
Rookie Mastertronic 1988    
Rookie Thief (the) CPZenon Games 2018    
Room ten Crl 1986    
Rooster run        
Roue de la fortune (la) D. tronczyk      
Roue de la fortune (la) G. marchiset 1988    
Rouge et noir        
Rouge midget S. avery 1991    
Rouleau de Printemps Roudoudou      
Roulette R. pearce      
Route de samarcande (la)   1988    
Roy of the rovers Gremlin graphics 1988    
Royal flush        
Royal quest (the) Timeslip software / b. beukin & i. martin 1984    
Royal rescue Cascade games 1986    
Royal rose P. robson 1986    
Royal space family        
Rsa Piat gift 1987    
Rubik's cube / the cube Computer challenges 1986    
Rubiks clock on cpc        
Ruee vers l'or        

screenshot of the Amstrad CPC game Ruff And Reddy by GameBase CPC

Ruff And Reddy TWILIGHT 1990    
Rugby boss Alternative software ? 1989    
Rugby league manager Virgin mastertronic 1989    
Ruines du diable (les) A. caballo 1986    
Ruleta Mastersoft 1986    

screenshot of the Amstrad CPC game Run for gold by GameBase CPC

Run for gold Ocean / five ways software 1986    
Run the gauntlet Ocean 1988    
Runaway R. le pipec 1986    
Runes of zendos Dorcas 1985    
Runestone Alan DAVIS 1985    
Runner   1986    

screenshot of the Amstrad CPC game Running man (the) by GameBase CPC

Running man (the) Grandslam 1989    
Russion roulette A. andrews      
Rustbucket Teleportation      
Rvf honda   1990    
Rx 220 Microids 1987    
Rygar Us gold 1987