Amstrad CPC programs starting by character P

P.z.p. Pd      

screenshot of the Amstrad CPC game P47 Thunderbolt by GameBase CPC

P47 Thunderbolt   1989    
Pac girl 1 Cyril le chat 1992    
Pac girl 2 Cyril le chat 1992    
Pac man O. roussel 1986    
Pac punk Bep 1987    
Pac-ball 2 Gerbier 1991    
Pac-boy Ros soft 1989    
Pac-ed in ten A. g. hall 1989    
Pac-land Grandslam / namco 1989    
Pac-man J. martin 1985    
Pac-man & pac-dog Dms / m. darakdjian 1993    
Pac-man (2) T and t 1986    
Pac-Mania Grandslam 1988    
Paciente 106 (el) ESP Soft   Yes  
Pacific Ere informatique 1986    
Pack of aces Paxman promotions 1987    
Pack-man P. gargan 1993    
Pack: a toda maquina Ocean 1991    
Packy   1987    
Paclone Sean McMANUS 1991    
Pacman F. carbonero 1988    
Pacman N. campbell 1997    
Pacte (le) Eric CHAHI 1986    
Pagode / pagoden von peking (die) W. pieck 1985    
Paire LMC software      
Pajaros de Bangkog (los) Dinamic Software 1988 Yes  
Pak caverns C. mitchell 1985    

screenshot of the Amstrad CPC game Paladin by GameBase CPC

Paladin Bubble bus 1987    

screenshot of the Amstrad CPC game Palitron by GameBase CPC

Palitron The edge 1986    
Pandora Swift software      
Pang Stuart MIDDLETON, Byron NILSSON 1990    
Pang Ruediger MOELLER      
Panic ! R.a. waddilove      
Panic beneath the sea J. packham 1989    
Panic Dizzy The Oliver TWINS 1991 Yes  
Panic station   1989    
Panik in muenchen        
Panique a l'hotel Anglada 1985    
Panza Kick Boxing Futura 1990    

screenshot of the Amstrad CPC game Panza Kick Boxing [CPC+] by GameBase CPC

Panza Kick Boxing [CPC+] Futura 1991    

screenshot of the Amstrad CPC game Panzadrome by GameBase CPC

Panzadrome Ramjam / ariolasoft 1985    
Paperboy Mark HAIGH-HUTCHINSON, Paul D. WALKER 1986 Yes  
Paperboy 2 Mindscape / tengen 1991    
Paperboy spanish Lambo & thingy      
Papin goal busters   1992    
Par 5 golf Waldeck software 1987    
Para academy Zeppelin games 1990    
Para assault course Zeppelin games 1988    
Parabola Firebird 1986    
Paragliding simulation / paraplane Loriciels 1992    
Paranoia Power system 1994    
Paranoia complex (the) Magic bytes 1989    
Paratrooper D. emmett 1984    

screenshot of the Amstrad CPC game Paris-Dakar by GameBase CPC

Paris-Dakar   1988    
Park patrol Firebird 1986    
Parque de la Ilusion (el) Antonio Corpas, Carmen Arroyal 2017    
Particim operam sysmet        
Party game        
Pascal MT+ Digital Research      
Pasillo mortal        
Passager du Temps (le) Alain BREGEON, Patrick BEAUJOUAN, Michel RHO 1987    
Passagers du vent 1 (les) Infogrames 1986 Yes  
Passagers du vent 2 (les) Infogrames 1987    
Passe muraille (le)        
Passing shot Image works 1988    

screenshot of the Amstrad CPC game Pasteman pat / billboard by GameBase CPC

Pasteman pat / billboard Firebird / silverbird 1989 Yes  
Pawn (the) Magnetic Scrolls 1988    
Paws Artic computing 1985    
Payroll C. TREVENA 1984    
Pazazz circus        
Pearl harbour Sprites 1985    
Peasants tale (a) Crysys / victory soft 1988    
Peche clandestine        
Peep show Crusader 1987    
Pegasus Bridge Personal Service Softwares (PSS) 1987    
Penalty soccer Artronic / clockwize 1990    
Pendu (2)        
Pendu (le) G. casanova 1985    
Penetror D. julienne 1987    
Penggy Chip 1987    
Pengo S. uyttendaele      
Penguin Surawy 1992    
Pente N. silvestre 1987    
Pentomino Markus MACHEREY 2017    
Pentominoes Rac      
Pentominos F. morisson 1988    
People circus Jlm & mld 1992    
Pepe bequilles Softhawk 1987    
Pepsi challenge Topo soft 1989 Yes  
Perestroika Lmc software 1988    
Perestroika 2 - Le Retour LMC Software 1991 Yes  
Perfume hunter (the) Fernleaf education 1986    
Perico delgado maillot amarillo Topo soft 1989    
Periscope up Atlantis software 1989    
Permis de Tuer Domark 1989 Yes  
Perros y el gato (los)        
Peter beardsley's international football Grandslam / tdh 1988    

screenshot of the Amstrad CPC game Peter pack rat by GameBase CPC

Peter pack rat Firebird 1988    
Peter pan Coktel vision 1988    

screenshot of the Amstrad CPC game Peter Shilton's Handball Maradona by GameBase CPC

Peter Shilton's Handball Maradona   1987    
Peter's family        
Petit apprenti        
Petit cheval        
Petit chevalier Sylvain GUEHL 1992    
Petit prince        
Petits chevaux D. robert      
Petits Coloriages Malins - Volume 1 Ludovic HAUDUC, Serge HAUDUC, Jacques HEMONIC 1988    

screenshot of the Amstrad CPC game Petits Coloriages Malins - Volume 2 by GameBase CPC

Petits Coloriages Malins - Volume 2 Ludovic HAUDUC, Serge HAUDUC, Jacques HEMONIC 1988    
Petrol John   1987    
Petrole   1985    

screenshot of the Amstrad CPC game Peur sur amityville by GameBase CPC

Peur sur amityville Ubi soft 1987    
Peur sur la ville        
Phalsberg Ere informatique 1988    

screenshot of the Amstrad CPC game Phantom club by GameBase CPC

Phantom club Ocean 1988    
Phantomas 1 Emilio SALGUEIRO 1986    

screenshot of the Amstrad CPC game Phantomas 2 by GameBase CPC

Phantomas 2 Emilio SALGUEIRO 1986    
Phantomas 2.0 Jordi SUREDA, Santiago ONTANON 2019    
Phantomas Saga - Infinity ESP Soft 2006 Yes  

screenshot of the Amstrad CPC game Phantomas Tales #1 - Marsport by GameBase CPC

Phantomas Tales #1 - Marsport The Mojon Twins 2009    
Pharaohs tomb Strategy soft 1984    
Pharaon Loriciels 1987    
Phat NoRecess, Fatal Snipe 2008    
Phat 2 NoRecess 2008    
Phazer games   1993    
Pheelone No Recess, CED, Targhan 2009    
Phenix noir Chip 1987    
Pheonix mission (the) Ecp 1987    
Phileas Fogg's Balloon Battles Zeppelin games 1991    
Philosopher's quest Topologicka / p. killworth 1987    

screenshot of the Amstrad CPC game Phm pegasus by GameBase CPC

Phm pegasus Electronic arts 1987    
Phortem No Recess, CED, DMA-SC, Madram, Arnoldemu 2013    
PhrozenC Arnaud Storq (NoRecess) 2010    
PhX NoRecess      
Pick 'n Pile Ubi soft 1990    
Piclos Ros soft / s. royer 1989    
Picrocs BDCIron 2016    
Pictionary Domark 1989    
Picture pairs        
Pieces M. delanoue 1987    
Pieges G. quetar 1986    
Pignools (les) Sylvain GUEHL 1992    
Pillow fighting        
Pilltris J. bland 1993    
Pilot CPC David WILD 1988 Yes  

screenshot of the Amstrad CPC game Pilots by GameBase CPC

Pilots Bollaware 1990    
Pinball D. cromwell      
Pinball L. rapaccioli 1991    
Pinball Dreams Batman Group 2019    
Pinball Magic Tony HUGUENOTTE, Jean François STREIFF, Christophe PERROTIN 1990    
Pinball Magic Tony HUGUENOTTE, Christophe PERROTIN 1992    
Pinball Power Bernardin KATIC 1989    
Pinball simulator   1990    
Pinball wizard Sagittarian soft 1985    

screenshot of the Amstrad CPC game Ping & pong construction kit by GameBase CPC

Ping & pong construction kit Lmc software 1989    
Ping Pong Konami 1985    
Ping pong Manuel amstrad      
Pingo W. slabon 1985    
Pingoo Kid kit 1985    
Pink panther Magic bytes / infogrames 1988    
Pion rouge A. lecenne 1991    
Pipe blaster Amsoft 1984    
Pipe mania Lucasfilm ltd 1990    
Pipeline Softice / r. brostedt 1990    
Pipeline 2 Mastertronic 1986    
Pipeline plumber        
Pique-Fiche   1986    
Piramide (la) A.p.      
Piranhas   1985    
Pirate Black system 1990    
Pirate's adventure        
Pirates ! Sid MEIER 1987 Yes  
Piso zero Zigurat 1991    
Pit chercheur de tresors B. cocchi 1986    
Pit fighter Tengen / domark 1991    
Pit l'allumeur     Yes  
Pitfall Hochmuth & flurl      

screenshot of the Amstrad CPC game Pitman Typing Tutor by GameBase CPC

Pitman Typing Tutor Pitman Publishing Ltd 1984 Yes  
Pix EgoTrip 2013    
Pixelnegger : last action point Virtual net / wizcat 1996    
Plan It Database Software 1986    
Planet defender M. guwang 1985    
Planet of Death (Adventure a) Artic Computing 1985 Yes  
Planet Rescue Ian C. SHARPE 1986    
Planetario - El Cielo Javier Fernandez SAAVEDRA 1988    
Planetario - La Tierra Javier Fernandez SAAVEDRA 1988    
Planete base Loriciels 1985    
Planete mysterieuse (la) Ludovic Deplanque 2005    
Planetfall Infocom / s. meretsky 1984    
Planets Cascade games 1986    
Plasmatron Crl 1988    
Plate-forme Maubeuge Business Computer (MBC) 1988    
Platformer Medley First Block The Mojon Twins      
Platinum Us gold 1990    
Platoon Sean PEARCE, David LYTTLE, Gerald WEATHERUP, David WHITTAKER 1987    
Play bac Microids 1987    
Play high/low Cascade games 1986    
Play it again Us gold 1988    
Play your cards right Britania software 1986    
Playbox Thierry DURAND, Eric CHEVALIER 1985    
Playdays Alternative software 1993    
Player manager   1990    
Playshapes N. campbell 1994    
Plot (the) Odin Computer Graphics 1987    
Plotting Taito Corporation 1990    
Pluies acides D. audiffren 1987    
Plumpy   1990    
Plundered hearts Infocom / a. briggs 1987    
Plus beau puzzle        

screenshot of the Amstrad CPC game Pneumatic Hammers by GameBase CPC

Pneumatic Hammers Paul JOHNSON 1987    
Poder Oscuro (el) Arcadia 1988    
Pogo Ocean ? 1984    
Pogostick olympics Probe / firebird 1987    
Poker D. scherer 1987    
Poker Logipresse 1987    
Poker S. meunier 1985    
Poker + 21 Data media / mablesoft      
Poker 2        
Poker dams        
Poker patience D. depinoy 1986    
Poker squares        
Pokern Asc / a. scherp 1990    
Polar B. round      
Polar plane P. wilkins 1991    
Pole climbing        
Pole position Us gold 1985    
Poli diaz boxeo Opera soft 1991    
Polichinelle   1985    
Pomm's Lmc software 1987    
Pontoon / costa del pontoon Wacci / j. walker 1986    
Pontoon bet Cascade games 1986    
Poogaboo / pulga 2 Opera soft 1991 Yes  
Pool Ros soft / s. royer 1989    
Pool of radiance Ssi 1988    

screenshot of the Amstrad CPC game Pop-Up by GameBase CPC

Pop-Up Infogrames 1990    
Popeye MacMillan 1986 Yes  
Popeye 2 Richard STEVENSON 1990    

screenshot of the Amstrad CPC game Popeye 3 - Wrestle Crazy by GameBase CPC

Popeye 3 - Wrestle Crazy Richard STEVENSON 1992 Yes  
Popeye collection (the) Alternative software 1993    
Porky D. baumert 1987    
Portraits robots David 1985    
Poseidon Coktel vision 1985    
Post mortem Iber soft 1987    
Poster paster Taskset 1984    
Postman pat Alternative software 1988    
Postman pat 2 Alternative software 1989    
Postman pat 3 Alternative software 1992    
Postman pat hit collection Alternative software 1993    
Postman's destiny        
Potato Rescue EgoTrip 2013    
Potplant concept disc        
Potsworth & Co. Hi-tec software 1992 Yes  
Pousnik Lmc software 1991    
Pousnik 2        
Pousnik 3        
Pousse-pousse D. paven 1986    
Poussy / push poussy Stick software      
Pouvoir Loriciels 1986    
Power Boat Simulator   1989    
Power curse Ab conn      
Power Drift Sega Enterprises 1989    
Power flash        
Power Magic Gamesoft 1990    
Power tetris Face hugger 1990    
Power up Ocean 1991    
Powerplay: The Game of the Gods Arcana Software Design 1986    
Prasident von scandalia        
Predator Image Works 1988    

screenshot of the Amstrad CPC game Predator 2 by GameBase CPC

Predator 2 Image Works 1991    
Prehistorik Titus 1991    
Prehistorik II Eric ZMIRO 1993    
Premier ii E & j 1989    

screenshot of the Amstrad CPC game President by GameBase CPC

President Addictive games 1987    
Presidentielles 88 O. tailleux 1988    

screenshot of the Amstrad CPC game Preuve par 5 by GameBase CPC

Preuve par 5 Lmc software 1990    
Previsions Astrales Uranie Software      
Price of Magik (the) Level 9 Computing - Austin 1986 Yes  
Pride of tewksbury Tj. gilberts      
Pride Picture Show (the) Pride Utilities      
Priest & vampire N. clarke ?      
Prince F. grimshaw      

screenshot of the Amstrad CPC game Prince of Persia by GameBase CPC

Prince of Persia Jordan MECHNER 1990    
Print Master   1987    

screenshot of the Amstrad CPC game Printer Pac 2 by GameBase CPC

Printer Pac 2 Pride utilities 1986 Yes  
PrintMaster Plus Kyocea Unison 1987    
Prison blues S. avery      
Prison riot Players 1990    

screenshot of the Amstrad CPC game Prisonnier (le) by GameBase CPC

Prisonnier (le) Lmc software 1987    
Priz P. tate 1990    

screenshot of the Amstrad CPC game Prize (the) by GameBase CPC

Prize (the) Amsoft 1985    

screenshot of the Amstrad CPC game Pro golf simulator by GameBase CPC

Pro golf simulator Codemasters 1990    

screenshot of the Amstrad CPC game Pro mountain bike simulator by GameBase CPC

Pro mountain bike simulator Alternative software 1989    
Pro Punter S.D. THOMAS 1987    
Pro skateboard simulator Codemasters 1989    
Pro snooker simulator Codemasters / hard soft 1985    
Pro soccer simulator Codemasters ? 1990    
Pro tennis Loriciels 1986    
Pro tennis 2 Ubi soft 1993    
Pro tennis simulator Codemasters 1989    
Pro Tennis Tour - Great Courts John WILDSMITH 1990    
Prodigy Electric dreams 1986    
Profanation Chip 1987    
Profanation 2 : Escape from Abu Simbel Jgnavarro, LordFredPixel, McKlain 2017    
Profession detective Ubi soft 1987    
Professional Adventure Writing System Gilsoft International Ltd 1988    
Professional footballer Cult games 1991    

screenshot of the Amstrad CPC game Professional Ski Simulator by GameBase CPC

Professional Ski Simulator Philip OLIVER, Andrew OLIVER, James WILSON, Jon Paul ELDRIDGE 1987    
Professional touch (the)        
Professionnal BMX Simulator Codemasters 1988 Yes  
Progolf Atlantis software 1987    
Programmeur Studio        
Prohibition Eric MOTTET, Pascal BUREL, Yves LAMOUREUX, William HENNEBOIS, Richard BOTTET, Najib El MAADANI, Josiane GIRARD, Charles CALLET 1987    
Project annihilation J. packham      
Project future Gremlin graphics 1985    
Project genesis Mastertronic 1985    
Project stealth fight Microprose 1989    
Project-x microman Global software / t. kemp & j. lemmon 1986    
Projet Jeux d'Aventures (PJA) Ludovic Deplanque 2005 Yes  
Prokyon Pride-soft 1986    
Pronofoot D. bouquet 1985    
Prophecy (the) Alex gough      
Prophetie Hexameron 1988    

screenshot of the Amstrad CPC game Prophetie - Les Marches de la Galaxie by GameBase CPC

Prophetie - Les Marches de la Galaxie Hexameron 1986    
Prospell checker Arnor   Yes  
Protector Virgin / mastertronic 1988    
Protector (2) Cunning soft      
Protext Arnord LTD      
Psi chess The edge 1987    
Psi-5 trading company Us gold / accolade 1986    
Psyborg Loriciels 1992    
Psychedelia Llamasoft 1985    
Psycho city Players 1989    

screenshot of the Amstrad CPC game Psycho hopper by GameBase CPC

Psycho hopper Mastertronic 1989    

screenshot of the Amstrad CPC game Psycho Pigs UXB by GameBase CPC

Psycho Pigs UXB Us gold 1988 Yes  
Psycho soldier Imagine 1988    
Psycho-Test   1986    
Psykiat Etl soft 1986    
Pub games Alligata 1987    

screenshot of the Amstrad CPC game Pub trivia by GameBase CPC

Pub trivia Codemasters 1989    
Puffy's saga Ubi soft 1989    
Puissance 4 L.g. 1986    
Puissance 4 Stef & remy 1988    
Puissance 4 W. walschaerts 1985    
Puissance quatre Arg informatique 1985    
Pulsator Martech 1987    
Pulse warrior Cable software 1984    
Pulsoids   1988    
Punch and judy Alternative software 1989    
Punchy Mr micro 1985    
Punisher (the) The edge 1990    

screenshot of the Amstrad CPC game Punk star by GameBase CPC

Punk star Genesis Soft 1988    
Punto de mira        
Purple saturn day Ere / exxos 1989    
Push Eliot 1995    
Puzzle Bjornar grandalen 1989    
Puzzle C. dunn 1990    
Puzzle Cibernesis 1987    
Puzzle T. meier 1985    
Puzzle chiffre K. goument 1986    
Puzzle por cibernesis        
Puzzle programm C. schillo      

screenshot of the Amstrad CPC game Puzznic by GameBase CPC

Puzznic Ocean / taito 1989    
Puzznix Fraggle      
Pyjamarama Mikro-gen 1985    
Pyra Mydya Paul J. MACHACEK 1985 Yes  

screenshot of the Amstrad CPC game Pyradev by GameBase CPC

Pyradev Discovery 1986 Yes  
Pyradev+ Gremlin Graphics Software 1987 Yes  
Pyramides d'atlantis (les) E. cubizolle 1988    
Pyramides d'atlantys (les) Microids 1986    
Pyraword Discovery 1985    
Python Chip 1986    
Python pete