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Prehistorik Man on DSiWare, it's good to be american


Talking about Prehistorik 2 in the previous news, I saw on the wikipedia page that it was later ported to Game Boy and Super Nintendo Entertainment System, with a name change : Prehistorik Man. It was later ported on Game Boy Advance. There's also a DSiWare version of this game released in North America (only) on February 15, 2010.

You can see a video of Prehistorik Man for DSiWare on Youtube.

Prehistorik Man on DSiWare  Prehistorik Man on DSiWare 

Roland in Time on Xbox360 by Gavin Pugh


Have a look at Gavin Pugh twitter account about Roland in Time on Xbox360 with XNA.

CPC Games Reviews update


CPC Game Reviews has 3 new reviews. It also announce the availibity of Dead on Time as a tape package by Psytronik Software (Star Sabre 128 also available as a disc package).

Star Sabre 128 as a tape package  Dead on Time as a disc package

The Amstrad CPC screenshot and load screen Catalog


On Press Play Then Any Key, you will find the Amstrad CPC screenshot catalog and the Amtrad CPC load screen catalog by Lex Sparrow and ZX4Ever. But the link below will permit you to download latest version (v1.2).

CPCGamesCD updated by MiguelSky (March 2010)


CPCGamesCD is a live CD by MiguelSky with emulators and the NVG Amstrad game collection. It has been updated :

  • Includes frontend, new CPC Loader 2.6 by Troels K.
  • Includes NVG games update 07/03/2010
  • Includes Snap-Pack by MiguelSky (3613 images)
  • Added new version 6.7 of JavaCPC emulator
  • Includes CPCEmu v1.7

Orion Prime now available again in french, but also in english and spanish


Orion Prime is again available in its original french package, but also in english and spanish package. If you have to offer a gift to a geek, what about Orion Prime and a sdcard HxC floppy emulator (few left for pre-ordering, maybe at this time no more, be quick...) ?

You will be able to order Orion Prime till the 30th April (payment by check or paypal). All orders will be sent by the 25th May, then the 30th june 2010, all versions will be available as a download.

Sadly there will be no german version of the package, and a german download isnt even sure, I dont know the reasons though.

Orion Prime french packaging

After Star Sabre, Dead on Time by Axelay for Amstrad CPC


Axelay is the author of Star Sabre and Star Sabre 128 (a shoot them up). His new creation is Dead on Time, an arena shooter, where you have to last the longer possible vs waves after waves going for you. It reminds me of Time Pilot by Konami.

game screenshot of Dead on Time by Axelay game screenshot of Dead on Time by Axelay game screenshot of Dead on Time by Axelay game screenshot of Dead on Time by Axelay

Rick Dangerous is back on Amstrad CPC+ with more features and updated graphics


Rick Dangerous 128+ is a new version enhanced by Fano, Macdeath and BDC Iron of Rick Dangerous (available 20 years ago in 1989). Some of the new features of this version is the use of the 4096 colors of the CPC+, new levels coming from the 16bit versions, DMA music, the use of the 2nd shoot button of the CPC+ joystick to jump...

Below a screenshot of the original version and of the 128+ version :

screenshot of the original Rick Dangerous  screenshot of Rick Dangerous 128+

loading screen of Rick Dangerous 128+ menu screen of Rick Dangerous 128+ loading level screen of Rick Dangerous 128+

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